10 impressive moments of BTS: Jungkook attends… Met Gala, Jimin dances impromptu with Jin with the legendary blue screen?

BTS’s unintentionally viral moments make fans excited.

In addition to performances, MVs, and music products, BTS has many times caused a fever in the online community with extremely funny and lovely moments that made everyone laugh and enjoy.

Jimin and dance become TikTok trend
During the Permission To Dance concert in Seoul, while performing on stage, Jimin suddenly performed an impromptu dance. Right after that, Jimin’s dance clip suddenly became viral on social networking sites. In particular, it also became a hot hit on TikTok when his fans edited the catchy music to match Jimin’s dance clip.

The photo in the impromptu clip makes Jimin’s fans excited.

This dance is even more attractive when his fans edit the catchy song so well

When Jungkook’s photo was the most tweeted at Met Gala but it turned out to be a product of fanti
Although he did not attend the Met Gala, Jungkook suddenly became the most noticed guest because the “difficult” photo was cut by the fans. Fans are also extremely thoughtful when editing BTS’s youngest member with a colorful outfit that makes everyone laugh when looking at it.

The fan edited photo of Jungkook attending the Met Gala goes viral

Jin’s standee moment scared everyone, even made the news
Suddenly one day the news reported on a looming black figure standing still and not leaving the window for many days, making people around scared. However, it was actually just an ARMY’s standee Jin in the room.

Black shadow scares everyone
It turned out to be Jin’s standee

When V went viral with a cycling trend
The trend of wearing bicycle shoes was once an extremely popular style among male Kpop idols. V is no exception when he goes viral with his cycling style and doesn’t wear them all even though they are all branded shoes.

RM’s old rap goes viral again
A freestyle rap about fans at KCON 2014 suddenly became a fever again on social networking sites. The humor and cuteness of the BTS leader made fans excited, turning the viral video back even after many years.

The video of RM rapping from 2014 goes viral again

J-Hope suddenly trended with the word “Curtain”
In an episode of BTS’s Run show, J-Hope mistakenly called Conan O’Brien “Curtain” and soon Conan also knew this information, creating an extremely funny situation.

J-Hope mistakenly calls Cona O’Brien “Curtain”
Also because of the virality, this information came right to the owner

When Suga’s pouting video reached over 1 million views on Twitter
The cuteness of BTS’s cool rapper quickly made fans excited.

When Jin became famous for his cute way of holding his bag
Although he is the eldest brother of BTS, Jin has a shy way of holding the bag when holding it with both hands so cutely like a little boy. This action of the guy made the fan community like “melting” because it was so cute.

Jin caused a fever with his shy way of holding the bag

When V was known as “Grandma’s First Love”
A photo edited by fans in a nostalgic style makes many people think that V appeared many years ago. However, it is actually just a product edited from the concept image of BTS’s Map Of The Soul: 7 album.

The photo makes viewers easily confused
It’s actually a concept photo from BTS’s album

When Jin accidentally posted the perfect blue screen photo
Jin accidentally posted a photo of him with a blue background on social media. Immediately, this photo made the fans extremely excited because he could freely cut his image into many other funny backgrounds.

Jin with the legendary blue screen photo
Freely edited by fans on many different backgrounds

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