10 moments that show Jimin’s true personality

Jimin of BTS is a person full of love and kindness towards his members, fans and others around him.

In the group, the guy is known as a stress reliever and that’s just one aspect of his real personality.

Check out 10 moments where Jimin showed his true personality below!
1. Always ready to help everyone
Jimin is always the one to help someone.

2. Compliments to his members
Regardless of the reason, Jimin always gives positive words to his members.

3. Show your love to ARMY with jewelry
Jimin is never afraid to show his love to ARMY. He has worn jewelry that says ARMY more than once.

4. Always be respectful
During BTS’ recent trip to the White House, Jimin’s actions when leaving the stage attracted the attention of many netizens. As he left the stage, Jimin bowed to the press with one arm around his body, which many consider a huge sign of respect.

5. Always keep the safety of the members in mind
Jimin checked the stage the group was going to perform on to make sure it was safe enough.

6. Take care of Jungkook
Jimin helps but shows extra care and concern for the group’s maknae, Jungkook.

7. Always there to comfort my members
Jimin is always there to comfort his members physically and mentally

8. Provide words of trust to others
Jimin always gives good words to everyone.

9. Best wishes to his members
When asked what his new year wish is, Jimin first wishes good things for the other BTS members instead of things for himself.

10. Always thinking about the leader of BTS
Jimin often shows concern towards leader RM, saying he seems stressed or nervous. Knowing Jimin, he always thinks of ways to help relieve that stress!

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