10 times BTS ‘refused’ to let Jin take a cute selfie

With BTS, peace was never an option. Whenever the members see an opportunity to mess with each other, they take it.

And no one knows it better than “World wide handsome” Jin! Here are more than 10 times BTS members “refused” to let him take selfies alone!

1. If photobomb was an Olympic sport…
Maybe BTS will win the gold medal. On July 12, BTS was spotted filming for a show on the street in Seoul. Jin posted a set of behind-the-scenes photos on his Instagram.

Turns out, this isn’t a group photo. In the caption, Jin wrote, “Please let me take a picture of myself.”

2. They will always appear
In 2020, Jin posted a series of humorous selfies with the caption, “I tried to take a picture, but they kept interfering.”

3. The photo went viral on Twitter
In July 2020, Jin tweeted 2 interrupted selfies with the caption, “Jungkookie, who always interferes because the pictures are taken, and Seokjinnie, who uploads them.”

4. Photobombe with ARMY Bombs
Wherever Jin goes, his photobomb photographers are sure to follow. BTS’ pop-up store is no exception!

5. J-Hope “Occupy spotlight”

The contrast between Jin, the chic model face, and J-Hope is just too funny.
6. Get out of my picture!
Jin even used stickers to cover Jungkook’s face.

7. Dynamite behind the scenes
BTS literally took Dynamite’s lyrics while filming their America’s Got Talent performance. Jin can’t rest even on set!

8. A wild Jungkook appeared

9. Can’t take cell pictures when friends are around!
All Jin wanted was to take a good picture with his version of TinyTAN, but he couldn’t. Jimin and Suga has another plan!

10. This happened even when BTS first debuted

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