Jungkook BTS wants to be kissed like that once, is Suga surprised?

Who would have thought that the golden maknae would have such lovely dreams? Has anyone volunteered to help him?

Overall, ARMYs know Jungkook as an introvert.

Like Suga hyung, Jungkook likes to wander alone when he wants to recharge.

However, when it comes to his ideal type, Jungkook is boldly surprised when he always mentions IU’s name when asked!

And it seems that not only the type, he is also very bold when talking about the ideal date.

In an interview, when asked if there was a scene in the movie that he also wanted to experience in real life…

…then here is the answer:


“In the movie Love 911, there is a scene where the character in the movie picks up his girlfriend with both hands and kisses her. I also want to experience it at least once before I die.” – Jungkook

Sounds interesting right?

This is the scene Jungkook mentioned.

After the male lead picked up his girlfriend, they kissed passionately…

…in the middle of the road, in front of so many people, despite how many people are looking at them.

But the funniest thing is that ARMY remembers Jungkook holding Suga like that too. I don’t know if Suga is startled when he thinks about it, but ARMYs can take a step back from imagination!


It’s interesting that a superstar like Jungkook has such cute and small dreams. If Jungkook can kiss his girlfriend in the middle of the street like that, bless him!

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