BTS opens a new ‘door’ in the 2nd concept photo set of ‘Proof’

BTS has officially released the second set of concept photos for their upcoming anthology album titled Proof. The Door version photos are completely different from Proof.

For the Proof version, BTS applied their “bulletproof” concept with a door with a bullet hole and a dark color.

BTS’ black leather color scheme, accessories and clothing is reminiscent of the group’s early days, including concept photos for 2014 album – Dark & ​​Wild.

BTS’s new Door photos are a spectacular departure from that past style.

Each photo is as light and comfortable as the members’ pastel clothes…

… And simple accessories.

The set’s flimsy frills match some of the members’ semi-closed outfits…

… And create a dreamlike atmosphere.

If the Proof version photos are a tribute to BTS’ past, Door is a tribute to the group’s present and future.

Their mature style and soft colors are reminiscent of recent…

… Including Dynamite.

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