Angelina Jolie’s beauty when transforming into a radio lady on the cover of Grazia magazine made netizens moan because she was so beautiful and noble.

The audience praised the beauty of Angelina Jolie when she transformed into a radio lady and appeared on the cover of Grazia magazine (Italy).

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Recently, on an online forum, the audience shared a set of photos of Angelina Jolie 4 years ago. At that time, the actress was the main character promoting Maleficent 2. Transforming into a radio lady and appearing on the cover of Grazia magazine (Italy), Angelina Jolie received many compliments with her charisma. seductive.

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This is the time when fans are worried about the health of the star born in 1975 because of her thin, lifeless physique. However, back as the cover face of the magazine, Angelina Jolie somewhat reassured the audience because after all, she still has charm.

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In the set, Angelina Jolie recreates the luxurious life of the old lady. When going to a party, going to bed, taking a bath or simply opening the window to welcome the sunrise, the actress also clearly portrays relaxation through every expression on her face.

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When shooting for Grazia magazine, Angelina Jolie was 43 years old. Most viewers believe that despite many storms in love, ex-wife Brad Pitt always deserves to be the top Hollywood beauty. Currently, the star couple’s divorce is still a topic of great interest. After breaking up with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie did not date anyone, focusing on raising 6 children.

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In addition, Angelina Jolie attracted attention when she admitted that she was bisexual. She once frankly talked about this in Public magazine. Hollywood sexy icon once dated actress Jenny Shimizu after co-starring in Foxfire (1996). “I have never hidden the fact that I date both men and women,” she asserts.

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Possessing an appearance called a beauty, a successful movie career, Angelina is one of the 10 highest-earning stars of the year according to Forbes magazine’s statistics. She is also a rare name on the list whose income comes entirely from movies. Jolie’s biggest paycheck comes from Marvel Studios’ $200 million Eternals and Disney’s Maleficent 2.

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