5 times BTS was photoshopped even parents didn’t recognize: Everyone looks different

Most of the promotional images you see of BTS are edited to some degree, professional editors will all use Photoshop. Here are 5 times BTS was photoshopped even parents didn’t recognize!

1. Bodyfriend and the BTS doppelgangers
Welcome, first time to… BTS? When the promotional image for this Bodyfriend massage chair was released, fans were shocked at how badly the BTS members were Photoshopped.

Fans have tried to improve the image to a higher quality, but that only makes things worse…

… Much worse.

2. Bodyfriend with Photoshop
Bodyfriend has released many promotional images, and unfortunately, all have some Photoshop errors. At first glance, nothing appears in this photo, but if you take a closer look you will notice…

… J-Hope’s Floating Arms…

… Jimin’s anatomically weird fingers…

… And some interesting things are happening in the eyes of the members.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that BTS looks nothing like BTS. This is the real J-Hope…

… And here is his impostor.

3. Bring back a completely “different” BTS
Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they will! In this Bodyfriend group photo, RM has three arms, J-Hope is missing a foot, Jimin’s right arm proportions don’t seem to be the same, and again, the members are almost unrecognizable.

When a fan showed V the photo on Weverse, he reacted like this:

4. V is missing something…
Speaking of V, he’s missing an arm in this FILA photo. Where did it go? It may be hidden behind his back out of sight… or not.

5. America’s Got Talent
Someone on the editing team may have rushed to finish this photo because they forgot something. Things like RM’s shoulders, Suga’s ears, and Jungkook’s fingertips.

A few bugs were fixed after that, but poor Jungkook is still missing.












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