7 reasons to ‘look forward’ to J-Hope’s debut album BTS ‘Jack In The Box’

J-Hope BTS’ official solo debut is fast approaching and there’s so much to be excited about.

Titled ‘Jack In The Box’, the album will be released on July 15th. Mark your calendars if you don’t want to miss out.

In case you need any more reason to start the countdown, here are 7 reasons:
1. Lead single “MORE”
The lead single from the album, titled MORE, was released on July 1. While the teasers hint at some dark emotions from the “Hope World” artist, MORE is a complete surprise.

With its charismatic looks, emotional aesthetic, and slightly punk-rock sound, it’s a stark departure from J-Hope’s usual work.
2. Be the first BTS member to make an official solo debut
While the BTS members have released several mixtapes, OSTs, and even their own songs on other BTS albums (such as Outro: Ego from their MAP OF THE SOUL series), J- Hope was the first to have a solo debut.

That means albums, concerts… to look forward to.
3. The main star of Lollapalooz
It has been announced that J-Hope will be making headlines for the annual Lollapalooza music festival later this month, meaning ‘Jack In The Box’ will make his debut just in time for a live performance.

He really knows how to put on a performance (as evidenced by this Trivia 起: Just Dance stage), so the audience will enjoy it.
4. There are 10 tracks in “Jack In The Box”
Jack In The Box is definitely a full album with 10 tracks. That means there’s plenty of room for J-Hope to explore his own sound as a solo artist and a lot for fans to enjoy as they listen to the extensive track list.

If the rest of the album was anything like MORE it would be 10 songs worth it.
5. Self-produced artist
In addition to being a great singer, rapper and dancer, J-Hope is also a producer.

He is an executive producer on his most recent mixtape, Hope World, and he participated in the writing and production of every song on the album.
It will be interesting for fans to see how J-Hope’s sound and story has evolved as an artist through the idol’s own music.
6. MV Art
J-Hope also played a huge role in producing the MV for MORE, giving fans a better perspective on his creative and artistic process.

With the help of directors, cameramen, designers, BTS members… J-Hope made his vision a reality.
Hope you have more great MVs for Jack In The Box.
7. Other Content
In case you’re a new fan, this vlog from 2019 is a short but great intro to J-Hope’s bright, cheerful personality.

From funny jokes to hands-on shots and food videos, this vlog has it all – and hopefully, more for J-Hope fans to look forward to as the show promotes Jack In The Box began to be made.

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