A series of powerful BTS V photos at Celine show but like a fan meeting

From looks to charisma, V BTS is truly a superstar!

The hottest news in the Kpop village recently is the announcement that V BTS has joined the Korean star cast coming to France to attend the Celine show at Paris Fashion Week.
As expected, every moment of them was recorded, making fans heartbroken. On June 24, netizens had to admire the image of V boarding a private plane to Paris.

Showing his charisma and personality when interacting with fans and media, V won the hearts of ARMYs all over the world.


As soon as he arrived in Paris, V had fun and enjoyed every moment.

Of course, the main event is still V going to the Celine show. Even a few hours before the event, ARMYs were already waiting in large numbers to see V even for a moment. Card series like “TaehyungxCELINE” or “Taehyung in Paris” quickly became an internet trend.

When guests started arriving, V immediately made a strong fashion statement with a fiery red jacket paired with a simple yet sophisticated outfit.

Although the picture is blurry, V’s beauty is high quality! No wonder people are crazy about V, turning Celine show into his fan meeting!

Finally, the most awaited moment has arrived: V appeared next to Lisa and Park Bo Gum! It’s creepy because it’s beautiful! Next to a suddenly soft Lisa, V looks so strong, manly and protective!

Fortunately, after that, there were a series of close-up photos of V.

V has certainly confirmed his global position in the fashion world, as the Prince of Paris! The only thing people look forward to more right now is a series of HD photos from Celine!

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