Amber Heard is known as a beauty with a “golden ratio” face but is only famous for scandals.

Amber Heard is known as a famous actress and model in the United States. She once impressed the audience when participating in the movie Aquaman and many other cult projects. In addition, the actress born in 1986 also possesses beautiful beauty and is known as a beauty with a “golden ratio” face that makes many people admire. However, Amber Heard is still unpopular with many viewers because of her convex attitude as well as the noise surrounding her marriage with Johnny Depp.

 Amber Heard được mệnh danh là người phụ nữ đẹp nhất thế giới. (Ảnh: Twitter @amberheard)
Amber Heard is known as the most beautiful woman in the world. (Image: Twitter @amberheard)

Amber Heard started her artistic activities in 2004. Up to now, she has participated in many films such as Pineapple Express (Third Assassin), Never Back Down (Do not falter), The Informers (Secretary Girl), The Stepfather (Stepfather), The Joneses (Joneses Family), Zombieland (Zombie Land). There is also a work that helps her name come closer to the audience, which is Aquaman: King of Atlantis.

 Amber Heard tham gia nhiều dự án phim ảnh nhưng tên tuổi mãi không phất lên. (Ảnh: Twitter @amberheard, People)
Amber Heard participated in many film projects, but her name did not rise. (Photo: Twitter @amberheard, People)

Despite participating in many films, Amber Heard has not made an impression on the audience thanks to her acting ability. Many people commented that the beauty born in 1986 was weak in acting, without a breakthrough. The only thing left in the hearts of viewers is her hot scenes and beautiful beauty.

 Amber Heard không tạo được nhiều dấu ấn khi diễn xuất. (Ảnh: Daily Mail)
Amber Heard did not make much of an impression when acting. (Photo: Daily Mail)
 Tên tuổi của Amber Heard chỉ phất lên "sương sương" nhờ bộ phim Aquaman. (Ảnh: Aquaman)
Amber Heard’s name only rose thanks to the movie Aquaman. (Photo: Aquaman)

Until now, Amber Heard is famous for being the most beautiful face in the world. The actress captured everyone’s eyes thanks to her unbelievable perfect lines. She is praised for her eye-catching, beautiful and equally luxurious beauty. Besides, Amber Heard also owns a seductive body with sexy curves.

 Nữ diễn viên được khen xinh đẹp ở mọi góc nhìn. (Ảnh: Twitter @amberheard)
The actress was praised for being beautiful in every angle. (Image: Twitter @amberheard)
 Nữ diễn viên sở hữu gương mặt chuẩn tỷ lệ vàng nhất thế giới. (Ảnh: London Facial)
The actress owns the most standard face of the golden ratio in the world. (Photo: London Facial)
 Mặt mộc của nữ diễn viên được khen ngợi. (Ảnh: Instagram @amberheard)
The actress’ bare face was praised. (Photo: Instagram @amberheard)
 Mỗi lần xuất hiện ở thảm đỏ cô đều gây sốt. (Ảnh: Instagram @amberheard)
Every time she appears on the red carpet, she causes a fever. (Photo: Instagram @amberheard)

So beautiful, but Amber Heard is a female star who has a large number of anti-fans. Many people do not like the actress because they think that she has a concave attitude, behaves disrespectfully to others. Especially recently when her marriage to Johnny Depp broke down, she made many shocking statements to netizens.

In 2015, the two attracted attention when announcing their marriage. But only about a year later, Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of “manipulating” her and the two’s marriage cracked since then. At that time, Amber Heard went to court with a bruised face and said it was caused by Johnny Depp. And Depp accused her of having an affair with tech billionaire Elon Musk. In 2017, the couple officially divorced.

 Johnny Depp và Amber Heard kết hôn chưa lâu nhưng lại vướng nhiều ồn ào. (Ảnh: Twitter @An_elf_pirate)
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have not been married for a long time, but they have been entangled in a lot of noise. (Photo: Twitter @An_elf_pirate)
 Amber Heard bị tố có mối quan hệ bất chính với tỷ phú công nghệ Elon Musk. (Ảnh: Daily Mail)
Amber Heard is accused of having an illicit relationship with tech billionaire Elon Musk. (Photo: Daily Mail)

But in 2018, Amber Heard had words to refer to her abusive ex-husband in an article published in The Washington Post. However, Johnny Depp’s side alleged that Heard was the “strong-handed”. This led Johnny Depp to sue Amber Heard and can’t go to court until April this year.

 Cuộc đấu tố ồn ào của hai diễn viên khiến khán giả ngán ngẩm. (Ảnh: Twitter @miroslavmilakov)
The noisy duel between the two actors made the audience bored. (Photo: Twitter @miroslavmilakov)
 Nữ diễn viên bị cho là cố tình cà khịa chồng cũ khi diện đồ "tông xuyệt tông" đến tòa án. (Ảnh: Pinterest)
The actress was accused of deliberately teasing her ex-husband when wearing the same color outfit to court. (Photo: Pinterest)

Recently, a man named Keenna Wyatt has come forward to accuse Amber Heard of having a concave attitude towards her. He said: “At that time on the plane, Amber Heard had disrespectful attitudes towards Johnny, so I went up and advised her not to treat her husband like that, because Johnny is really. However, Amber suddenly yelled at me ‘How dare you talk to me? Get away from me’, so I went back to my seat on the plane and kept quiet. But that girl really yelled, because it was really quiet on the plane at that time.”

 Keenna Wyatt tố Amber Heard hét vào mặt và hành xử thô lỗ với mình. (Ảnh: MARCA)
Keenna Wyatt accused Amber Heard of shouting at her and being rude to her. (Photo: MARCA)
 Amber Heard bị anti-fan cà khịa là nổi tiếng vì tài năng và nhan sắc thì ít mà ồn ào thì lại nhiều. (Ảnh: Instagram @amberheard)
Amber Heard is ridiculed by anti-fans for being famous because her talent and beauty are few, but the noise is more. (Photo: Instagram @amberheard)

Currently, the lawsuit of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still attracting a lot of attention from the audience. In particular, the fact that the actress was constantly accused of inappropriate behavior made the public bored.

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