ARMYs join forces to make noises that make BTS excited

BTS really appreciates what ARMYs give them.

As soon as BTS leaves the stage to prepare for their next performance, it is customary for ARMYs to prepare special things for their idols, known as “ARMY TIME”.

However, during the Permission to Dance concert in Seoul, fans took “ARMY TIME” to the next level, when using their hand clappers, combined to create an impressive sound, to express their love. for BTS.

The sound of the thumps pounded and was so good that Jimin could hear him clearly when he was in the waiting room backstage.

Jimin exclaimed: “Oh those claps? Can you hear that?”

Suga commented that by practicing every day, ARMY is getting better and better and he was also surprised at their affectionate gesture.

Suga: “I’m very touched, that clapping improves day by day”

While V was doing his hair and makeup, the male idol also turned to watch the event on the screen.

The male idol’s sincere expression says it all.

Touched by the hearts of fans, he still seems to be amazed by this unique event.

Meanwhile, J-Hope also showed a surprised expression…
BTS is a K-pop group consisting of 7 members: Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, V, Suga, J-Hope and RM. Currently, they are the most successful and popular group in the world.


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