Being “overtaken” by BTS internationally, what does the father of “Gangnam Style” PSY say?

PSY praised BTS’s efforts in becoming famous worldwide, proud of their juniors achieving their dreams.

PSY has just returned to the music industry with the MV “That That” featuring Suga (BTS). This is also a product produced by Suga. The MV has now reached more than 56 million views and holds the 3rd position on YouTube’s Top Trending.

This is the first time that two famous global stars of K-pop have collaborated. Despite the 16-year age gap, the two became good friends.

PSY and Suga (BTS) team up for the first time

As a veteran idol who debuted in 1999 and became world famous with the hit “Gangnam Style”, PSY is considered the one who spread K-pop globally. But on Melon, PSY revealed that he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep when he learned that he would collaborate with Suga.

“I couldn’t sleep for a few days, feeling like I saved the country in my previous life,” he said excitedly. The veteran idol also wittily revealed that he had used “tricks” to “trick” Suga into participating in more work in this project, instead of just producing.

During the press conference to launch a new product, PSY also praised Suga’s professionalism. The veteran male artist affirmed that Suga has spent a lot of time and effort on “That That”.

A scene from the MV “That That”

When the crew shot the MV in Incheon in March, it was very cold and windy, but the BTS member still managed to shoot the best scenes. Suga’s enthusiasm reminds PSY of his youth, cheerful, bold and not afraid of difficulties.

“Seeing how passionate and loving he is with music, I suddenly remembered the past days and told myself to work as hard as before,” PSY affirmed.

PSY once created a global “fever” with Gangnam Style, but could not reach the top 1 of Billboard chart

According to Koreaboo, PSY also talked about some groups in Kpop, including BTS. PSY believes that BTS has achieved his “unfinished dream” of topping the Billboard charts, which he missed with “Gangnam Style”.

BTS has become the first Korean artist to reach #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Being “surpassed” by his juniors, as well as being disappointed with himself, but PSY is still happy for his juniors. The male artist expressed his pride in BTS and what the group has done.

The owner of “Gangnam Style” added, YouTube has played a huge part in helping artists bring their music and culture to the world, despite language barriers. There, it was BTS who thanked PSY for helping spread KPop globally.

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