Bella’s beauty “Twilight” aged 30: A stunning aura that makes everyone look up

Kristen Stewart has conquered many audiences around the world by her innocent and cold beauty. Over time, the actress’s angular face and sharp eyes still make people flutter.

 Vẻ đẹp của Kristen Stewart gây sốt trong Chạng Vạng một thời. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
Kristen Stewart’s beauty caused a fever in Twilight for a while. (Photo: Film documentary)

The role of Bella Swan in Twilight once helped make Kristen Stewart an A-list star. Although Kristen’s performance in this work was likened to a disaster because of poor acting, the beauty of the actress here is what matters. hard to argue with.

 Vai diễn trong Chạng Vạng từng giúp đưa Kristen Stewart lên tới đỉnh cao. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
The role in Twilight helped bring Kristen Stewart to the top. (Photo: Film documentary)

At the time of filming Twilight, Kristen Stewart was only a 17-year-old girl. She received many compliments when she “successful puberty”, transforming from a tomboy girl into a beautiful and charming young woman.

 Kristen Stewart trở thành thiếu nữ xinh xắn trong phim Chạng Vạng. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
Kristen Stewart becomes a beautiful girl in the movie Twilight. (Photo: Film documentary)
 Cô cùng với Robert Pattinson tạo nên một cặp đôi có visual xuất sắc. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
She and Robert Pattinson create a couple with excellent visuals. (Photo: Film documentary)

Kristen Stewart’s beauty is considered a blend of purity, holiness and fragility. In Twilight, the actress mainly uses very thin makeup, but still scores strong points because of her natural beauty and temperament. Thanks to that charm, she was chosen to play the role of Bella Swan, defeating many other strong candidates such as Jennipher Lawrence, Lily Collins, Emily Browning, Michelle Trachtenberg… It is also said to be the peak time of female stars’ beauty. born in 1990.

 Kristen Stewart lấn lướt khi đứng cạnh sao lớn. (Ảnh: weheartit)
Kristen Stewart dominates when standing next to big stars. (Photo: weheartit)

Kristen Stewart always has impressive appearances in public or at events. There was a time when standing next to the top Hollywood beauties like Katy Perry or Selena Gomez, the Twilight movie star was still the most outstanding person because of her impressive beauty and charisma.

Compared to 14 years ago, Kristen Stewart has changed a lot in appearance. The clear, innocent look of the day was replaced by a mature, sharp one. For many years now, the Twilight movie actress no longer keeps her dreamy beauty but instead has a sharp visual and an unexpectedly charming aura.

 Giờ đây, Kristen "lột xác" thành soái tỷ. (Ảnh: Outstanding)
Now, Kristen “transforms” into a female marshal. (Photo: Outstanding)
 Nét cuốn hút của Kristen khi bước trên thảm đỏ. (Ảnh: Outstanding)
Kristen’s charm when walking on the red carpet. (Photo: Outstanding)
 Nhan sắc của Kristen ở tuổi 32. (Ảnh: @owengould)
Kristen’s beauty at the age of 32. (Photo: @owengould)
 Nhan sắc thực của Kristen Stewart qua cam thường của fan. (Ảnh: Twitter @Kaymariet663)
Kristen Stewart’s real beauty through fan’s casual cam. (Photo: Twitter @Kaymariet663)
 Kristen Stewart tích cực tham gia nghệ thuật trong những năm qua. (Ảnh: Twitter @films7)
Kristen Stewart has been actively involved in the arts over the years. (Photo: Twitter @films7)
 Nhan sắc lẫn khí chất của Kristen Stewart vẫn nhận được nhiều lời khen của công chúng. (Ảnh: Pinterest)
Kristen Stewart’s beauty and temperament still receive many compliments from the public. (Photo: Pinterest)
 Dù ăn mặc xuề xòa, khí chất ngôi sao của Kristen vẫn khiến khán giả ngưỡng mộ. (Ảnh: CelebFirst)
Despite wearing loose clothes, Kristen’s star aura still makes the audience admire. (Photo: CelebFirst)

Appearing at entertainment events, Kristen Stewart’s “marshal” beauty has made people overwhelmed many times. Even if dressed properly or dressed casually and untidily, the beauty and aura of this star still conquers many people.

 Kristen bên bạn gái Dylan Meyer. (Ảnh: @robstenlifea)
Kristen with girlfriend Dylan Meyer. (Photo: @robstenlifea)
 Nữ diễn viên qua ảnh chụp khi đi trên đường phố cũng toát lên khí chất ngôi sao. (Ảnh: Backgrid)
The actress, through photos taken while walking on the street, also exudes star aura. (Photo: Backgrid)

Whether 14 years ago or now, Kristen Stewart’s beauty is still considered sustainable over the years.

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