BTS confirmed to hold a global concert in Busan

Finally, there is an exact schedule for when BTS will hold their concerts.

BTS previously announced that they would take on the role of Busan’s 2030 World Expo ambassador. As the first activity for this role, the group will hold a global concert in Busan in October 2022, to widely promote the World Expo.

Recently, HYBE announced the concert, “BTS is planning to hold a global concert next October to promote the World Expo in Busan worldwide.”
As ambassadors, BTS not only acts as a goodwill ambassador for Expo, but also participates in negotiations with 170 countries to establish the International Exhibition Office, which votes to find the host country.

They will also carry out online promotional activities through video and images, distributed through social media, and work on Busan’s infrastructure and popular culture.

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