BTS finally updated Twitter and more before re-appearing

Each BTS member creates a personal Instagram account, but there are times when the group’s Twitter account is barely updated by the boys.

Over the past few months, fans have occasionally received retweets and posts from V.

And they changed the layout a bit for April Fools’ Day to match the tradition of the day.

Other than that, however, ARMYs have come to believe that the members even deleted the app because they rarely post.
Now, fans finally have a new update on BTS’ shared account.

The group updated their photo ahead of their upcoming comeback on June 10.
Likewise, the group’s official BIGHIT MUSIC account on Twitter has been updated.

Everyone uses group photos from the first Proof concept photo series released.
In addition, the rest of their social media accounts have up-to-date information. So, BANGTANTV on YouTube also has a group photo from the Proof concept photo.

The group’s Facebook is as up-to-date as other social networks.
Each member’s profile picture on Weverse has also been updated. Therefore, they all have photos taken according to the latest concept photos.

However, they are not exactly the same. The rap group and maknae Jungkook both have a picture of the Proof concept, while the vocal group both have a Door concept photo.

So could it be a hint? Could these be the subgroups of this comeback?

ARMY has officially entered the Proof era of BTS.

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