BTS has a new personal Vlog, here is the posting schedule of each guy and the spoiler of each video

BTS recently announced that each member will be releasing individual vlogs documenting their daily lives. The vlogs will be posted every Saturday, starting from 9/7.

See the full schedule below to see when each member will post a small spoiler about what ARMYs can expect from their vlog.

1. V (July 9)
V plans to bring ARMYs to “Drive Vlog,” so fans can expect a bit of a relaxed and comfortable feeling.


2. J-Hope (July 16)
We can expect some behind-the-scenes footage of J-Hope’s Jack In The Box preparations for “A definite J Vlog”.


3. Jimin (July 23)
Jimin’s “Bracelet Workshop Vlog” can showcase some ASMR as he becomes an artist.


4. RM (July 30)
RM will explore some of his favorite hobbies in “Art Museum Vlog”.


5. Jungkook (August 6)
Get ready for some adventures with Jungkook in “Camping Vlog”.

#ThisIsCamping (Historical)

6. Jin (August 13)
As the group’s designated chef, Jin shows off his skills in a “Cooking Vlog”.


7. Suga (August 20)
Suga gives fans a creative journey in his ‘Woodworks Vlog’.


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