BTS has spent 9 seasons of birthdays and who is the happiest, receiving the most gifts?

On every BTS birthday, the happiest people are…

FESTA (BTS’s debut anniversary) is always a memorable milestone, not only for the global group but also for ARMY (BTS’s official fandom).
As of today, BTS officially entered the 9th year of operation. As usual, BTS has a series of activities collectively known as BTS FESTA, lasting from early June to June 13 to celebrate this big day with their fans. And do you know who is the happiest person on BTS’s birthday? It is the ARMY – who receive countless gifts from BTS themselves such as: concerts, new songs, old songs renewed, spiritual and physical gifts (goods, cards…) and countless new special content from idol. Every gift is filled with the love of the 7 members for their fans.

9th Anniversary (2022): BTS released a collection of songs that “stormed”, Jungkook released a song for ARMY
On June 10, the group released the album Proof marking 9 years of debut with the title MV Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment). Not only retelling the career story of the past 9 years, BTS also continues the unfinished youth story that the group likened to the end of the first chapter, to look forward to a better tomorrow without settling on yesterday.

The group recreated old MVs in MV Yet To Come

Not only that, but Jungkook also surprised the fans with a sweet and lovely love song like a sincere thank you from the maknae of the group.

“My You” is a Korean-English bilingual song that Jungkook dedicates entirely to the ARMYs who have been by his side for the past 9 years. Therefore, the clip for this song is made as simple as the message that Jungkook sent on behalf of BTS to his fans.

8th anniversary (2021): BTS held an online concert and fan meeting but still overwhelmed non-fans with their willingness to play
Due to the complicated epidemic situation, the group decided to hold MUSTER 2021 (concert event and fan meeting) in the FESTA series in an online format, but still made ARMY extremely excited when arranging the stage of picture number 8, two stages. The big picture and many small screens around make it easier for BTS to meet ARMY around the world. The eye-catching performances with the “surreal” visuals of the 7 members are also the highlight of the concert.

BTS’s super stage in MUSTER 8th anniversary
Fireworks were fired after BTS’ concert, lighting up a corner of Jamsil-dong, Seoul
The image of 7 members holding hands and greeting the audience at the end of the concert always makes ARMYs choke

7th Anniversary (2020): BTS released a specific schedule for FESTA, Jungkook released music for fans after the scandal of not complying with social distancing
During this time, the 7 boys sent their fans spiritual gifts such as the MV Airplane Pt.2 shot in Saipan, the group’s mischievous photos, and the dance practice video for the stage. Dionysus… and most especially the song Still With You performed by Jungkook. This is also the event marking Jungkook’s first comeback after the scandal of not complying with social distancing, gathering at a bar in Itaewon increasing the risk of spreading Covid-19.

6th Anniversary (2019): The group released family photos, behind the scenes of the music video, awards ceremony, photo shoots
To celebrate the group’s 6-year journey, BTS thanked the audience with a series of family photos as well as behind-the-scenes photos of the group during their 6th year of activities.

In addition, BTS also gave ARMY many other meaningful gifts such as Mic Drop choreography video, self-recorded Anpanman video, BTS News, Jin with self-written song Tonight…

1st to 5th Anniversary (2014 – 2018):
During the first 5 years of operation, BTS has always worked hard to thank fans during this FESTA with many interesting contents such as photo collections, dance videos, self-written songs as well as amazing covers. …

FESTA2014 schedule poster
Second year schedule poster (2015)
FESTA poster with red as the main color with the constellations of 2016
Pretty purple poster of FESTA 2017
FESTA 2018 new main color dark blue

During 9 years of operation, despite being busier with schedules at activities in the West, BTS has always kept their promise to give gifts to fans on the most important occasion of the group and the fan community. Let’s look forward to other special gifts in the coming years, ARMY!

9 years and more, ARMY!

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