BTS “hearts” fans again with the handsome image at the performance of ‘M Countdown’

Perfect vocals, Suga playing the piano, and the “ending boys”: that’s the symbol of BTS.

BTS made a comeback with the album Proof and there’s a lot that makes ARMYs so excited about this comeback.

One of them is that after two years, the group returned to music shows to promote the songs on the album in front of Korean fans.
After a long wait, BTS has finally returned to music shows to promote the title songs Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) and For Youth on M Countdown.

Closer to the broadcast date, Mnet has made fans extremely excited when posting beautiful images of BTS that all artists have before a concert.
In the image, the group has two contrasting outfits for the two performances but looks really good.

The caption of the tweet is equally cute, as the group shared a heartfelt message to ARMY, which seems to make even more sense considering everything that’s happened in the past few days.
“Our pride, the world’s pride, the universe’s pride
When we’re together, miracles happen like the desert turns to the sea
I will say briefly: “AFBF (ARMY Forever BTS Forever) BAHO (BTS should always be happy?) AAHO (should ARMYs always be happy?). I dye you purple”.

Then there was the promotion throughout the show and it’s easy to see why Mnet put on such a big show as it was such a special moment for both the group and ARMYs around the world.
Of course, when it comes to the performance, it’s unlike anything people have ever seen.


Due to only participating in a few music shows, BTS performed at the stadium for many ARMYs to see with a capacity of 4000 fans.

The sound emitted by the fans when BTS appeared was phenomenal and it was even more touching to see the members’ faces when they saw all the ARMYs waiting for them with their light sticks.

BTS’s song For Youth was the first song the boys performed and from the moment the members started performing, ARMYs all over the world were taken to a BTS concert.

Of course, their visuals are second to none. But each member’s vocals and performances are truly breathtaking and showcase their true talents.
The members then move to the center of the stage. When the song reaches its climax, the lighting, the setting, and the atmosphere seem to come together perfectly and create something magical.

Like every performance in the music show, the song ends with a fairy tale ending.
Or, in this case, the 7 very handsome “finish boys”. All of the members seemed to be naturally overwhelmed by the performance as they saw the ARMYs swaying to the song.

The group’s next song is the title song Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment). Even though K-ARMY warned that Suga started playing the piano, people couldn’t think of the amazing sound the group’s rapper made.
With the dim lights and strong atmosphere, it’s like something out of a movie.

The most striking thing because of the size of the venue is the ARMY Bomb sea that looks extremely beautiful.
All are programmed to blink and change color at the same time. It is certainly a sight to behold.

Seeing so many fans must have been overwhelming for the group, but BTS continues to showcase their true talents throughout the nostalgic and emotional track.
Even without the choreography, their stage presence is out of this world and hard to compete with and that helps their vocals shine.

If the “ending boy” for For Youth is nostalgic, the members seem to have found a way to their title track and created chaos.

Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook start off cute, followed by RM, who looks embarrassed at his close-up.

It ends with V, Suga, and Jin having fun with their poses, whether it’s panting, acting cool, and even some aegyo.

In the end, BTS and ARMY were even more excited when the group got their second win for Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).

On Twitter, the group posted pictures from the show and went on to thank the ARMYs who helped them win.
With two more music shows coming up, ARMY will no doubt be hoping to keep winning for BTS and the group will continue to deliver amazing performances that capture the hearts of everyone watching.


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