The 19th floor of HYBE building became a ‘paradise’ thanks to BTS

When it comes to some of the most iconic buildings in Korea, the HYBE building is extremely special to K-pop fans.

Since the company moved to a new location, the building has been known for its chic interiors and is a great place to shoot TikTok videos.

HYBE’s new headquarters

Of course, this is also known as the home of BTS and a place where the members spend a lot of their time, whether it’s recording, rehearsing, or broadcasting live with fans.
In particular, in this massive building, one floor always attracts the attention of fans, which is the 19th floor.

BTS live broadcast at 19th floor

According to the floor plan of the building, the 19th floor is known to have a forum, a lobby for staff and it can also be used as an auditorium for large meetings.
In the forum there is a coffee shop, because HYBE is collaborating with coffee brand Fritz to create a unique brand for HYBE.

On July 15, the 19th floor became the focus of social media when it was seen lit up and appeared to be the site of one of the hottest events in Korea.

J-Hope with Jessi, HyunA and Simon D

Of course, ARMYs are not exaggerating because this is a preview party of songs held before the release of J-Hope’s album Jack In The Box.

This floor has been turned into what looks like a nightclub and the people present at the event seem to be living their best lives.

Tiger JK, BIBI, Yoon Mi Rae and RM BTS

It seems the entire K-pop scene has supported J-Hope. This is truly a worthy use of the 19th floor, and the large space combined with the decorations is sure to make anyone not in attendance jealous.

Tiger JK, BIBI, Yoon Mi Rae and V, J-Hope of BTS

However, just a few days later, the 19th floor of HYBE was transformed into a preparation site for an entirely different event.

BTS Honorary Ambassador appointment ceremony for EXPO 2030 BUSAN, KOREA

Yesterday (July 19), BTS members were appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for World EXPO 2030, Busan, South Korea, in a special ceremony.

During the ceremony, the members received their awards, RM’s hilarious jokes in his speech and a government official expressed his love for V.

However, many keen-eyed netizens realized that the location seemed familiar… because it was on the same 19th floor where J-Hope held the party.

Although there was no difference in location, ARMYs quickly realized the similarities in the room and the way things were organized during the Busan Expo ceremony.
When netizens can’t stop joking about how BTS seems to own the 19th floor and there’s always a reason to take advantage of the beautiful space.


Many people also love how they quickly change up the space to transition from a nightclub atmosphere to something professional.
It looks like HYBE’s 19th floor has really cemented its iconic status and is definitely the place to be.

From parties to awards ceremonies, BTS is constantly showing their dominance and it seems that HYBE is trying to keep up with all the different activities.


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