BTS is “bulletproof” before the “deviation” of the media

The leader of BTS feels bitter by the distortion of the media affecting the group and the fans. The 7 members choose to face and reverse everything, from BTS will continue to position themselves to perform military service.

True to the meaning behind the name BTS – “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”, right from their debut, the “golden” boys of BigHit had to fight against “bullet” from the Discuss the template for defending the group’s values ​​and music.
Even on the 9th anniversary of the group’s founding (June 13, 2013 – June 13, 2022), they still had to cope with “turbulence”. The members chose to express themselves to protect BTS and themselves.

BTS soothes and reassures fans in the face of media ‘attack’
The source of the BTS disbandment rumor started with the video “Festa Dinner” (an annual activity where the members sit and chat on the anniversary of BTS’s debut). The members revealed they will be kicking off a new chapter of BTS, starting solo activities. During this time, group activities will be more limited.

Respecting and giving love to fans, BTS chooses to announce and reassure those who have believed and supported the group for the past 9 years.

However, after the broadcast, the media began to spread the news that BTS stopped working and disbanded, causing the fan community to panic. Because of this, the stock of HYBE (the company responsible for managing BTS) plummeted, dropping more than 27%.
Immediately, BTS’s management company denied and said that the group did not stop working but would continue to nurture and become a lasting group.

The solo time of each BTS member should have started 2 years ago, when the album Map of the Soul: 7 ended, but because of the COVID-19 epidemic, all of their plans were delayed.

Not letting the rumors create serious consequences, BTS spoke up to correct the fans. On his personal Vlive on the evening of June 15, Jungkook said that the group was very worried about the reaction of ARMY (BTS’s fandom name).
”BTS has no intention of disbanding. We still have a lot of schedules that need to be completed. Going forward, we will continue to work on group projects on a regular basis. Bangtan is forever‘ – the male idol emphasized.

The leader of BTS – RM said that he received the most phone calls since his debut because of media distortion: ”I see the screenshots, the article titles are provocative. provocative and hurtful like ‘disbandment’, ‘freeze’, ‘important announcement’, etc. It’s not that we didn’t anticipate things, but everything was really bitter…”.
“Those who watched the entire video that night and listened to Yet To Come will also understand that now is not the end. The crying video went viral so much that I wondered if I should have the courage to confess my feelings. The courage to speak up with honest thoughts always leads to unnecessary misunderstandings,” added RM.

RM spoke up when BTS was “dirty” by the media

Signals about BTS’s enlistment
BTS has grown and grown to become the most popular group in the world, the debate about whether the group’s members need to enlist in the military has been debated for a long time. While the group has clearly stated its point of view, the story still has no end.

The question of whether BTS is exempt from military service or not was brought up too much, causing the group to receive a lot of criticism

The current military exemption standard in Korea is only for those who are active in the pure arts and sports fields. Although K-pop artists are not included in the above clause, there are bills to amend the “Military Service Act” so that pop culture artists like BTS are given special privileges.
BTS was awarded the Hwagwan Cultural Medal from the Korean Government for their contributions in promoting the Korean culture of Kimchi around the world. The group is honored to be the first Asian group in history to be nominated at the Grammy with unprecedented awards and records that it will take a long time to find someone who can “overthrow”.
Jin – BTS’s eldest brother was born in 1992, should have reached the age of enlistment 2 years ago, but because he received the Cultural Medal in 2018, he was allowed to postpone until 2022.

In an interview on Sunday Morning of CBS, the US, member Jin affirmed, “Military service is a completely normal thing in Korea. This is the basic duty of a citizen and members. We are all ready for this. When the country calls, we are always ready to respond and do our best to serve the country.”
The fact that BTS started promoting solo activities after 9 years is said to be a signal about the enlistment of 7 members. This is also a good way for the group to maintain the heat during the time when a member is serving in the military, ending a series of media noises about the issue that has always been associated with the group over the years.

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