BTS: Jimin suddenly became a ‘luxury scholar’ when wearing a borrowed J-Hope’s watch

BTS’ Jimin is truly the epitome of a true idol. Whenever he goes on stage or joins a schedule, he is a true professional and manages to perfectly showcase his talent and personality to those who are watching him.

Along with being incredibly talented, Jimin is really hilarious and a real comedian when he’s with his members.

As one of the youngest members of the group, Jimin likes to have fun with his hyungs whenever possible.
It was no exception that the group was filming BTS WEEKEND which was released last month.

The photos themselves are absolutely perfect and show the charms of the idols.
However, it seems that the behind-the-scenes clips are just as addictive as the ones recently released on Weverse.

During the filming, all the members had fun filming both as a group and individually. For a moment, out of nowhere, Jimin asked to borrow J-Hope’s watch.

Of course, as one of the hyungs, J-Hope is willing to help Jimin adjust the watch to fit Jimin’s hand.
Interestingly, as soon as Jimin puts the watch on his personality seems to change as he explains “I feel very comfortable”.

In particular, it seems that wearing J-Hope’s watch has made Jimin wiser and aware of the world… like a scholar.
“I feel very generous. Suddenly, everything was fine. I feel like I can understand everything” – Jimin.

With this new personality and emotions, Jimin suddenly becomes a new person as he looks at his members with a loving expression before adding “so cute”.
Jimin even explained that when he wears the watch, he suddenly feels like speaking more elegantly.

Someone should definitely sign up for a K-Drama for Jimin because his aura has changed and his way of speaking has become more elegant.
Even Jimin’s decision to go get water seems more elegant and regal.

When J-Hope has fun with a small ball and encourages Jimin to join, because Jimin is so good at soccer, the idol is made of courtesy.
Sadly, it’s definitely for a wise reason and can only come from someone like Jimin.

His answer was so funny that J-Hope couldn’t stop laughing and threw the ball at Jimin as he walked away.
“It’s dangerous. So you should play football outside” – Jimin.

Of course, J-Hope and Jimin have always been an iconic duo and have been dubbed the “dance line” of BTS.

Whether performing on stage or just relaxing, this duo is truly a breath of fresh air for ARMYs.

Even though BTS is one of the biggest groups in the world, the members continue to prove that they haven’t lost their sense of humor and charm.

It’s no surprise that ARMYs love them so much and even without a watch, Jimin is really wise and inspiring.

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