BTS: Jungkook and RM make shocking announcements about outfit choices for upcoming tour

BTS: Jungkook and RM make shocking announcements about outfit choices for upcoming tour

While listening to BTS is perfect in itself, there’s something magical about being able to see them perform live in a concert.

BTS’ recent Permission To Dance On Stage performances in the US and South Korea certainly prove that their performances are unforgettable experiences.

It looks like two of the members may have hinted at going further in their next concert.
BTS recently released the album Proof and the title track Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment made ARMYs deeply moved with the MV.

His new production also means a lot of new content from the members, including their arrival to record their first music show in over two years.
In particular, a clip of the members appearing on Melon Station’s BigHit Music Record has attracted the attention of fans.

Although there is no context in the clip, J-Hope randomly asked “Is one of Jungkook’s buttons going to pop out?”.
Jin mentioned the fact that during BTS’ recent tours, Jungkook got so immersed in the song Fake Love that he unbuttoned his buttons and eventually started unbuttoning them…

If it wasn’t a good memory trip, Jungkook’s answer to J-Hope’s question shocked fans.
“If we have another concert I have to take everything off and perform” – Jungkook.

It’s no surprise that Jungkook’s comment sent ARMYs crazy but then RM had to suppress his excitement because after “maknae” even the leader thought maybe the next show might need some clothes. than.
The leader joked, “In the future, I will only wear shorts to perform…”.

Of course, looking at RM’s physique is no joke, so just wearing a pair of shorts is enough to make ARMYs cringe.
However, this isn’t the first time the members have teased ARMY that they might wear less on their next tour.

During a live broadcast earlier this year, RM, Suga, and Jimin talked about their muscles.
Jimin joked, “I heard you’re going to take off your shirt during the concert…”.

Although RM denied it and said he only did it during practice, maybe he changed his mind.
RM also recently posted a photo of himself in shorts on Twitter… could his opinion on tour outfits change?

Although ARMYs couldn’t be sure if the members were telling the truth, it made fans’ eyes hot.
Whatever happens, it will be BTS’ battle for tickets to the tour and every ARMY has to take care of themselves.

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