BTS officially has a new project after announcing the suspension of group activities

This must be very good news for ARMYs.

All seven BTS members will be appearing in the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s promotional video, according to the Seoul Tourism Organization.

This announcement is part of director Gil Ki Yeon’s presentation on marketing methods to promote Seoul tourism.
This will be BTS’ first activity as a group after the members announced a hiatus from group activities last month.

The clip is expected to be filmed in August and will be posted to various social media and YouTube. Specific information about BTS’s recording content has not been announced.
Since 2016, BTS has been chosen as Seoul’s tourism ambassador. In this role, the group appeared in many promotional videos and MVs of the capital.

The promotional clip for 2020 with the title “BTS – With Seoul” has more than 500 million views on YouTube. Another music clip released last year titled “EoGiYeongCha Seoul BTS” reached over 560 million views.

“The video that BTS participated in brought in more than 100 million views in just nine days,” Gil said. “We hope to once again spread the charm of Seoul with BTS to people around the world.”

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