BTS opens up about the future, will be pretty cool guys in their thirties

Although the initial announcement of BTS’s hiatus following the release of the anthology album Proof scared ARMYs, the members and HYBE CEO Park Jiwon himself denied any rumors of a hiatus. and disintegrate.

Instead, in BTS’s ‘Chapter 2’, the members will prioritize individual activities for a while, which doesn’t mean BTS will stop group activities altogether.

BTS didn’t even consider disbanding the group and didn’t have anything to do with the disbandment process.
BTS’s message about suspending group activities to focus on individual activities does not mean that they will completely stop group activities.
Their scope of activities will be carried out in a more diverse way, as we plan to do both group and individual activities together. This will give them the opportunity to leapfrog and grow as artists.

Plans for individual activities have been established or are currently being worked on and will be announced soon and will have a synergistic effect between individual activities and group activities.
In the case of group activities, activities for the Proof album have been fully implemented and additional group activities are in the process of being established.
In the past, BTS has had long-term breaks, and through this period of individual activities, each member will be able to have time to rest and do individual activities.

Both the artist and the company aim to build BTS into a 21st century pop icon through diversifying their activities,” Park Ji Won stated.
And in a recent Q&A interview, BTS once again shared that they plan to stay together as a group for a long time.
Although all gave different answers when asked to describe “future BTS in 7 words”, they all found BTS to continue to be an integral part of their lives.
Going forward, RM hopes that all of the members will remain “pretty cool.”

“I’ll go with ‘Pretty cool guys in their 30s’. I hope BTS is as cool as they are in their 30s” – RM.
Jin sees them in “chapter 3” in the future. “We used to be Bangtan Boys and now we are Bangtan adults. We’re getting old so that’s my answer.” – Jin

Suga took the opportunity to reassure both BTS and ARMY that no matter what the future holds, “it will be okay”.
And he insists that his goal is to keep working “as long as they can.”

“No matter what happens, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know what will happen but I just want us to work and be with the fans for as long as we can. Nothing else would really matter.” – Suga
J-Hope mentioned Run BTS both for the familiarity and the motivation to keep pushing and moving forward.

“Okay. I’ll go with ‘Let’s go, run BTS’. It’s very familiar but has weight. Because we’ve been using this phrase for a long time and it’s a combination of words that really suits BTS, I think it’s a great title for us.” – J-Hope
Like Suga, Jimin also reassured ARMYs that BTS’ future will be fine.

“You don’t have to worry about us. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of concerns but you don’t have to worry.” – Jimin
V simply shared that no matter how old BTS gets, they will still “enjoy youth”.

“Even as we age, we are still young. Even when we get old, we will still enjoy our youth” – V.
And Jungkook, who was looking forward to the question, used their title track Yet To Come to promise that BTS will always have more moments to share with ARMY in the future.

“I have been waiting for this. ‘Moment is yet to come.’ I will go with ‘Moment is yet to come –Jungkook.

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