BTS “Proof”: 9 years, a journey of constant efforts

BTS will release the album “Proof” – a collection of 48 songs that gives an overview of the 9-year career of this top Korean group.

BTS’s management company, BigHit Music announced that the Korean hit group will return to the K-pop race on June 10 with the album “Proof”.

“Proof” is an anthology album that “shows the history of BTS”. The album includes 3 CDs that encapsulate the group’s stages by introducing a variety of songs that “reflect the members’ thoughts and ideas about BTS’s past, present, and future”. In addition to the songs that made BTS’s name, “Proof” will have 3 new songs.

Opening the album is CD 1 containing 19 hit songs of BTS in chronological order with the title song “Yet to come” (The most beautiful moment). BTS is expected to release the MV on the day of the album’s release. The name of the song reminds us of the group’s album series “The most beautiful moment in life”. The music product is considered a breakthrough moment in BTS’s career from 2015 and 2016.


In particular, CD 1 will have the song “Born Singer” released on the digital platform in July 2013, a month after the group’s debut. “Born Singer” is a remake of J.Cole’s “Born Sinner”. BTS’ version tells the story of the time the group was trying to rise to the top in the music business and the emotions they faced a month after their debut.

Besides, the CD includes many songs associated with BTS’s name and dominated the music charts from 2013-2021, including “I Need U”, “Run”, “Fire”, “Blood Sweat Tears”. “, “Spring Day”, “DNA”, “Fake Love”, “Idol”, “Boy With Luv (ft. Halsey)”, “ON”, “Dynamite”, “Life Goes On” and “Butter”.


The second CD offers an in-depth look at the group’s history, featuring 14 tracks of lead and sub-single singles that the seven members of the group chose for themselves. BigHit Music said, “The second CD has been put together to show how bright BTS can be as a group, during the nine years they have come together to respect each other’s styles and colors. “. CD 2 will have the new song “Run BTS”. This is also the title of the variety show BTS that has been released since 2015.


Opening with “Run BTS”, the second CD contains songs that highlight the seven members’ distinct interests and personalities, including “Persona”, “Stay”, “Moon”, “Jamais Vu”, “Seesaw”, “Cypher PT 3”, “Ego”, “Her”, “Filter”, “Friend”, “Singularity”, “00:00”, “Euphoria” and “Dimple”.


Last but not least, the third CD is a special gift from the members to the fans. The 14-song anthology brings listeners closer to the members with previously unreleased songs, such as “Young Love” and “Quotation Mark”, and demo versions of some of the group’s hits. , including “I Need U”, “DNA”, “Spring Day”, “Epiphany”, “Jump”, “Boyz With Fun”, “Seesaw” and “Young Forever”.


The 48-track compilation album will mark the group’s first new album since the release of “BE” in 2020. In the meantime, the group has released a string of new singles, including “Butter.” , “Permission to Dance” and “My Universe” featuring Coldplay.

While some fans have wondered if the group will go on hiatus after the release of the album, especially since all 7 members are currently awaiting military enlistment in the near future – the fastest this year for a member. eldest brother Jin. Before this information, BigHit Music said that the album is not the end but the beginning.


“As BTS celebrates their 9th anniversary this year and turns the page to a new chapter for their 10th year, ‘Proof’ has been planned and produced to look back on the group’s past efforts.” the company said.

Meanwhile, BTS’s “Proof” promotions schedule reveals that the group has two surprise events coming up, one that will be released at midnight (local time) on June 7 and the other at midnight. June 13, the group’s 9th debut anniversary


Prior to the release of the compilation album, BTS had won 3 awards at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, marking BTS’ 6th consecutive year of winning at the awards ceremony. Out of the 6 categories for which the group was nominated, BTS took home trophies in the categories “Top Duo/Group”, “Best Selling Artist” and “Best Selling Song” for “Butter”. The K-pop group has now owned 12 trophies since performing at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017, becoming the group with the most wins at US awards.

The 7 members did not attend the ceremony taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, but sent their thanks to their fans on social media, “Winning #BBMAs for 6 years in a row! Thank you guys! listened to our music and your support.”

Recently, BTS went to the US to visit the White House for the first time on May 31 (US time). It is expected that US President Joe Biden and BTS will discuss the inclusion and presence of Asians, as well as how to prevent crimes and discrimination against Asians, which are a prominent issue in the Asian community. Lately year. Through this meeting, the White House hopes that BTS – youth ambassadors – will spread a message of hope and positivity around the world.

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