BTS reassures fans when suspending group activities, pursuing solo projects

This is the beginning of a new chapter for the group.

June is an extremely busy month for BTS. Not only did it mark the release of the new album Proof, but the members also celebrated the group’s 9th anniversary.

Like every year, the group has entertained ARMYs with lots of content, showing their love for their fans.
Most recently, all the members celebrated the event with BTS’s FESTA Dinner.
As interesting as the video is, however, with the members sharing a lot of TMI, Suga revealed that the group will be taking a hiatus from group activities, which is the reason for some schedule differences.

“Anyway, we’ve entered a respite season… Should we talk about why we’re not promoting FESTA or not creating content? We have to talk about the direction we are going because the topic of our direction has been raised.” – Suga
RM then went on to explain that after releasing songs like Butter and Permission to Dance, something changed.
“I don’t know what kind of group we are anymore,” RM said, also mentioning the problems in the K-pop scene and he worries that they have lost the direction of a group.

Jimin also added that it was a difficult time for the members and that there was a lot they wanted to say to ARMYs and that they were working on a process of trying to rediscover themselves.
“I think that is why we are going through a difficult period. We’re trying to figure out our identities and it’s been a long and tiring process.” – Jimin

However, while it may worry ARMYs, BTS is sure to put their minds at ease by explaining that it’s not a forever hiatus and that they won’t stop seeing the members. pellets.
In fact, the members explained that they would use this time to find themselves through solo tracks.
V specifically shares some wise advice from J-Hope to explain why they chose to make such a decision.

“J-Hope has told me this before. We can focus on our solo work for the time being, and later, when we come together as a group, that synergy will be like no other. We will be better than before” – V.
J-Hope then shared his explanation, adding, “BTS’s stance on solo promotions, solo music will change a lot.”
It looks like the members will move away from their solo mixtape and focus on releasing solo albums.

“I think we can talk about that right now. First of all, our mixtape content will now be converted into albums,” said RM.
Even at the end of the video, the members continue to get emotional as they discuss the matter but it shows how much they care about ARMY and their affections, especially when RM says, “We will not be able to gather like this for a while (in front of the camera).”

Following the announcement, BTS made sure to reassure fans that this isn’t permanent and that it’s just the members trying something new and finding their identities again.
It’s all about improving BTS as a group and allowing them to find joy in their music again.
J-Hope: “We’ve talked a lot about how we need to separate even a little bit to know how to bring ourselves together and how important time apart can be”

Suga: “We won’t disband. We can live apart for a while”.
Throughout the video, BTS proves how much they love ARMY and that even taking a break from the group’s activities is only to come back more refreshed.

After continuously working as a group for nearly an era, the members took a step back to find themselves through their own music.

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