BTS recounts the 9-year journey in “Yet To Come”: The MV recreates a series of scenes in the old MV

HHT – At 12 o’clock on June 10 (PHT), global group BTS officially released the album “Proof” marking 9 years of debut with the MV for the title song “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”. “. Not just a flashback, BTS is continuing the unfinished youth story that the group likened to the end of the first chapter, a better tomorrow without settling on yesterday.
Proof is not just a comeback album, this is an anthology about the past, present and future, containing the 9-year career journey of BTS. Marking a mature step as the name “Bulletproof” has always been associated with the group since its debut. Proof includes 3 CDs, including 3 brand new songs including “Yet To Come (Most Beautiful Moment)”, “Run BTS” and “For Youth”.

Yet To Come was chosen as the title track for the album, with the Alternative Hip-Hop genre, this is a song that looks back on BTS’ musical journey and promises a brighter future: “You and I, best moment is yet to come” (You and I, the best moment is still waiting ahead). BTS shows the will that they will be able to create a more beautiful moment when continuing their journey with ARMY (the group’s fandom).

BTS once again proves their musical value, strongly conveying the message of a brighter tomorrow. The special MV is inspired by scenes from BTS’ old MVs. Scenes from Boy In Luv, RUN, Blood Sweat &Tears, Spring Day, FAKE LOVE, No More Dream… are connected to the present. The vast desert is filled with traces of BTS, the group confronts the past reliving their memories.

BTS recreates old MVs in Yet To Come. – Photo: @yoongist__sg9

Run BTS is a song that contains the free spirit of BTS like when it first debuted, but still retains a passionate spirit. Different from Yet To Come, this is a Hip-Hop song with a strong tempo, showing maturity when overcoming the time tunnel, people who will not be easily satisfied with the present but will continue to work. stronger.

Using a sample from the song Epilogue: Young Forever on the album The Most Beautiful Life in Love Young Forever released in 2016, Four Youth is a song dedicated to BTS’s fans, and also marks the end of this album. . The song begins with the echo of the fan’s song “Young Forever” during BTS’ actual concert.

Unlike the previous comebacks, this comeback will not hold a press conference, instead, the group will meet fans around the world through the live “Proof” on June 13, which is also the same date as “Proof”. is the 9th debut anniversary, through the YouTube channel BANGTANTV. This will also be the first debut stage for new songs on the album.

In addition, BTS has planned a pre-recording for the M Countdown stage with 4,000 fans at Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul (Korea). This is an unprecedented scale for a week promotion stage.

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