BTS released the poster of the ‘Proof’ live, did they change their hair color in time?

“Whoever sits is my husband” – a humorous ARMY commented.

BTS is getting very close to the release date of the compilation album Proof as well as the 9th anniversary of the group’s founding!

Many events and content have been released by BTS on this occasion and the latest is the poster for the live Proof event, taking place on June 13 (at 9 pm KST). Notably, the poster reveals that there will be a special guest!

Compared to the photo of BTS during their recent visit to the White House, RM’s hair color has changed!

ARMYs are excited about this photo with lots of “content”:
– Whoever crosses legs is my husband. Leave the rest to the sisters!
– I would like to put my face on Namjoon’s chest so I can’t see the other 6!
– Jungkook is so bad, pull up your shirt now!
– Wow, Jimin stroked his hair and looked so cute! That’s right, baby mochi!

The album Proof will be released to the audience on June 10. Don’t miss the album release and upcoming events!

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