BTS releases ‘tracklist’ of CD3 for album ‘Proof’, does it satisfy fans?

BTS has released the 3rd and final tracklist for their upcoming compilation album, titled Proof.

Proof is a 3-CD album, which contains solo songs, of previous subgroups and groups, and 3 new songs.

The first track featured on CD1 was Yet to Come – a throwback to one of BTS’ most beloved eras – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, also known as HYYH.

CD2’s “Tracklist” includes 14 fan favorites such as Singularity, Her and Filter along with Proof – Run BTS’s second new song Track 01.

Fans are predicting that Run BTS could be about BTS’ variety show, Run BTS, or a sequel to the group’s 2015 song Run…
Now set 3 is complete. CD3 is everything fans had hoped for and more.

This CD includes some, if not all, of the songs on ARMY’s wishlist, as well as a new song, For Youth.
Since RM, J-Hope, and Suga of BTS participated in the production of For Youth, this new song could very well become a side track for the rap group.
In addition to For Youth, Track 02 (“Ambiguous Relationship”) and Track 04 (“Quotation Marks”)  are also new songs.

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