BTS revealed ‘something big is coming’, fans ‘guess it’s old’

A trip around the world? A collaboration? Or the MV Run BTS?

BTS is in the process of making a comeback with the anthology album Proof and Festa 2022. So fans are overwhelmed with the content they receive.

Proof is an album not to be missed with emotional tracks and an equally emotional MV for the title track Yet To Come.
BTS will also have their first concerts on music shows since 2020 by attending Mnet’s M Countdown on June 16, KBS’s Music Bank on June 17, and SBS’s Inkigayo on the 19/6.

Festa 2022 will also offer content like new family portraits, never-before-seen dance practice videos, and the upcoming “The REAL Bangtan Team Dinner” video.
But the release schedule for BTS’s comeback is also revealing something more that will be released on BTS’ anniversary – June 13.
In the original advertising schedule, the date simply listed three question marks.

And in a recent tweet from BTS’ official Twitter account, the hashtags accompanying the dance practice video from BTS’ 2022 Grammy Awards performance suggest that “something That big is coming”.
Although the hashtags are enough to make any ARMY nervous because of the anticipation…

BTS’s chaotic VLive after Proof’s release only makes ARMYs more confident that any content that will be released on June 13 is a monumental event.
Because BTS has been very adamant not to accidentally reveal anything to fans during their broadcast.

Some hopeful ARMYs are assuming “something big” will be a new world tour announcement.
While others suggested that it could be an ARMY-specific song, part of the Festa 2022 schedule.

Or a music video for their new song Run BTS. Or one of the collaboration possibilities that ARMYs have been waiting for.
And most ARMYs are simply frustrated at what BTS can surprise them with.

If you’re old or young, you still have to wait until June 13 to see what BTS’ “something big” is.




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