BTS revealed that Jin is in a secret relationship?

Some people believe that Jin BTS is happily in a secret relationship.

BTS celebrated their 9th anniversary with the annual Festa Dinner Party. During this intimate dinner there were a lot of tumultuous moments where the members had some drinks and naturally got emotional as they pondered over the past and future.

However, a moment when the members focused on Jin – which was ignored – caused some netizens to talk.
The members revealed that their joint home contract has ended. So after more than 10 years of living together, now everyone has moved out and officially live separately. Before, they all lived together in a dorm and the members shared a bedroom.

They describe their unique interior decoration style. Maknae Jungkook has been accused of having a lot of cushions and diffusers.
RM’s place is described as an “art house”, while Suga is inspired by his father. The oldest member, Jin, is described as having a newlywed home.


That’s a somewhat surprising description. We already know that Jin lives in a luxury apartment and has a collection of his most prized possessions on display when you visit.
So his house is like that of a newlywed couple, which seems a bit alien.

However, one member’s reaction to RM’s words made ARMYs suspicious.
Jin himself was shocked that his whereabouts were compared to a newlywed home as he had just revealed that he had been spending most of his free time playing games lately.
That certainly doesn’t sound like a newlywed couple but RM has defended his claim by pointing out that it’s “bright” and “white”.

Despite that, Jimin had a unique response to the conversation. He immediately began to hide his smile.
Finally, Jimin asked, “How many parts of this story will be broadcast?”. Are you implying that some secret has just been revealed?

Most didn’t think much of this conversation at the time. However, ARMY (@zani__fj on TikTok) shared an edit, highlighting Jimin’s reaction when RM compared Jin’s house to that of the “newlyweds”.
The video went viral with 1 million views and 205.2k likes in just one day.

The comments flooded by ARMYs suspect that Jin may be in a secret relationship and that Jimin knows something…
ARMYs certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Jin appeared at least in a long-term relationship. After all, he is already 29 years old.

BTS is definitely not good at keeping secrets of any kind…
Also, Jin has previously said that he wants to get married at the age of 31 and that he is about to enter that age now.

However, it would be ironic if it turns out that Jin, out of all the members, is in a secret marriage.

For a while, ARMYs made a joke that RM was the one with a secret family.

Whether the rumors are true or not, fans always support BTS’ happiness.

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