BTS: RM is worried, V is reassured about BTS’ future

The saying “There are ARMYs right behind us…” by V BTS says it all.

In a bittersweet online session, BTS announced that “chapter 2” in their careers will include a period of time apart. For a change and more recently – both as a group BTS and as individuals – the members will focus less on group activities and towards pursuing solo projects, for the time being.


During the FESTA Dinner 2022 live stream, BTS candidly chatted with fans about their “struggle” as well as their future plans. The group emphasized that they made a difficult decision, but the members felt it was time to try something new. This will involve the release of official solo albums and solo promotions.

“J-Hope told me about this before. We can focus on solo work for the time being, and then, when we get together as a group, that synergy will We will be better than before” – V shared.
Of course, the members couldn’t help but worry about ARMY’s reaction, fans who have supported BTS since day one and made their wildest dreams come true. RM – as a leader – felt as if he was stuck in the middle.
On the one hand, RM doesn’t want to disappoint ARMY, but on the other hand, he also needs time to better understand who he is and BTS. Otherwise, it will be difficult to continue producing music with sincere messages.

“We’ve lost our way at the moment. I just want to take a moment to reflect and then come back, but this makes me feel like I’ve been rude to our fans and like I’m breaking their expectations. We’ve achieved this success thanks to a lot of our fans, but we haven’t lived up to their expectations.” – RM confided.

V was quick to comfort RM and ease the leader’s worries. He believes that the majority of ARMY will support BTS’ decision and their ever-evolving music career.
“But I think most fans won’t think that way. Because they know our sincerity. I think 90% of our fans will support us, no matter what kind of music we choose to play. or which direction” – V said.

Despite this, fans are still expressing their ardent support for their idols through social media. No matter what BTS chooses, they will always have ARMY by their side.

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