BTS’s ‘older brother’ Jin reveals his introverted personality at J-hope party

Although the members of K-pop groups work well together, that doesn’t mean their personalities are the same. And the 7 members of BTS are no exception!

Recently, the oldest member Jin clearly showed his introverted personality when attending J-Hope’s new album launch party.

And recently, BTS released some behind-the-scenes footage of the party and it really shows how introverted Jin is.

While all the members were preparing for the party, Jin asked J-Hope, “Are we all gonna sit down and listen to the music?”. J-Hope then explained that everyone would stand and mingle at the party. He also reassured Jin by revealing the layout of the room.

However, Jin seemed hesitant after hearing this and added, “Oh, I feel really uncomfortable meeting new people.” After that, BTS’ “older brother” asked J-Hope if he really had to “meet and greet” with the guests.

As expected, J-Hope doesn’t want to force Jin to do anything he’s uncomfortable with but said the party wouldn’t be complete without the “big brother”.
“No, you don’t have to. After the event is over, you can just say you enjoyed the music. We can’t have Jin there,” – the male rapper shared.

Jin doesn’t seem to be the only member of BTS worried about interacting with many people. Jimin also shared that he will probably be on the toilet most of the night.


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