Called Jungkook by mistake, BTS Jimin turned his back and left

We are close, but we can’t call each other by the wrong name like that!

If you want to keep peace with Jimin, one condition is definitely to remember: Don’t forget his name is Jimin! If you don’t believe it, ask J-Hope!

BTS once shared a behind-the-scenes video of the Connect project, BTS, in which, 3J (Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook) had many mini-movies on their phones…


…even though it’s freezing cold!

Unfortunately, the cold doesn’t just affect their bodies! It even tricked J-Hope’s brain! While reviewing the footage, J-Hope accidentally called Jimin “JK”…

…makes Jimin sulky and turn away and J-Hope has to beg him to come back.

“Say sorry,” Jimin huffed. “I’m so sorry” – J-Hope sincerely.

Fortunately, Jimin is easygoing. But sometimes calling the wrong name is the end of a relationship!

Watch the full video below:

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