Charlie Puth confirms BTS ‘Jungkook is the lover in the song ‘Left and Right’!??

No need to guess anymore, the insider has officially spoken.

Last weekend, Charlie Puth and Jungkook released their highly anticipated single Left and Right. Along with that is a fun MV that makes fans fall in love every second!

The MV clearly has a plot as Charlie Puth is described as struggling to get someone “out of his head”, even having to go to the “Love Doctor”.

But the only one left in the MV is Jungkook! Therefore, it is understandable that viewers are curious about whether this is a love song and whether the MV represents a love story between two men?

Not to mention, the song was released on Pride Month…

Jungkook is always on Charlie Puth’s mind at all times!
Puth and Jungkook’s close and twisted interaction only confirms this.

But now, no more guessing, Puth has just confirmed his relationship with Jungkook in the MV!

On Instagram, Puth retweeted a YouTube comment about the Left and Right MV. He praised the speculation that the characters are gay and the MV is about their relationship with each other. With this move, Puth confirmed the rumors of the fans.

“Since there’s no one else in the picture but the two of them, it’s safe to assume that these two guys are occupying each other’s minds,” according to YouTube comments.
The BTS OTP Association must be really excited!

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