Check out Jin BTS’s ‘divine angle’ collection

BTS’s eldest brother Jin is a living witness to the saying “handsome is not free”!

Referring to Jin, many ARMYs will probably think of his handsome and attractive appearance first. As the main visual of BTS, Jin not only possesses a golden proportioned body, but also has a face with no dead corners.

Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when this “global handsome” has many times topped the Top Korean male stars with the best appearance.
Jin is also a member of a special unit in BTS created by ARMY called “Bermuda”, alongside V and Jungkook. The unit consists of 3 members possessing top-notch visuals that are considered “no way out” when looking at the group.

The “Bermuda” trio is famous for the times that caused a stir in the media every time they appeared together, and most especially, the eldest Jin has many times made netizens “lose their hearts” before the “collection” of inclined angles. his god.
Take a look at Jin BTS’s divine angle collection in the series of photos below.

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