Confusing moments, rubbing your eyes to realize which BTS member this is?

Staying together for a long time will also have the same points, not wrong!

BTS are guys with very different looks and personalities. However, perhaps because they have been together for a long time, there are moments when it takes ARMYs a few seconds to realize who is who!

1. The youngest brother suddenly became the eldest brother!

2. Suga transforms into J-Hope
SOPE is two souls in one body?


3. He also has the ability to transform into Jungkook

4. V’s just like Jin’s hair color

5. Jin suddenly became the leader of RM

6. The maknae is everywhere!

7. You think this is V?

Wrong, it’s Suga!
8. Suga transforms into Jin in 3… 2… 1…

9. Suga is so magical, turning into Jimin

10. Twins?

11. Who is Jin? And who is Jungkook?

12. There are two Jungkooks? No, it’s Suga!

13. Jimin and V? Actually, it’s Jungkook and V!

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