Do ARMYs know the purpose of using RM BTS’s Instagram account?

Everything the leader of boy band BTS does matters!

BTS’ RM recently did an interview with ARTnews. In it, the guy focuses on one of his main hobbies – art.
It’s no secret that he frequents museums at home and abroad. In fact, RM’s Instagram account has more photos of paintings and sculptures than his own face.
Along with that, RM was asked about his thoughts on Instagram: “Some people use their Instagram as a kind of diary. What is your relationship with the Instagram account? It has a specific purpose. for you?”.

First, RM brings up the fact that young people use it as a means of expression. More than just the photos posted, the entire account is a reflection of themselves.
“I think young people today use their Instagram to represent themselves. From their profile introductions, tags, and pictures they take at a certain place, every detail speaks to who they are. and it’s one of the best platforms for self-PR and branding,” he said.

“When I want to get to know someone, I usually check their Instagram, but I try not to judge people by their appearance.

My Instagram account is literally just an archive of who I am. I’m sure everyone is familiar with RM as a public figure on stage. But this is the archive for both RM and Kim Nam Joon as well. Besides, I can also look back on things when I’m old,” added RM.


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