Do ARMYs know the series of idols who almost became part of BTS?

Before debuting with the current 7-member lineup, BTS had many other “candidates”.

Most K-pop groups go through a few lineup changes before their official debut, and BTS is no exception! Before debuting with 7 members including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, BTS also went through many changes.

Let’s take a look at the series of idols who almost became a part of BTS below.
1. I11evn
As one of the first members of the underground rapper group DNH, I11evn has proven his name as a real rapper and he was also a trainee in the BTS debut project before leaving.

2. Suwoong (Boys Republic)
Suwoong was part of the trainee lineup that originally trained to debut as a member of BTS, but left after 1 year and then debuted with Boys Republic.

3. Atom (Topp Dogg)
Atom was one of the original trainees of BTS, but later left and debuted with hip-hop group Topp Dogg. Unfortunately, Topp Dogg did not succeed as expected. After participating in Produce 101 season 2, Atom is currently active as a member of the group JBJ under the real name Kim Sang Gyun.

4. Kidoh
Another former member of DNH, Kidoh trained for 1 year as a trainee who will debut with BTS and is a teammate with RM. In the end, he chose to leave and join the hip-hop group Topp Dogg. However, in 2015, Kidoh also left this group.

5. Supreme Boi
Supreme Boi was actually one of the original mainstay members of BTS but then decided to leave before the group debuted. However, he still works with Big Hit Entertainment as a producer. Supreme Boi has collaborated with RM and Suga to produce popular BTS songs such as No More Dream, Bulletproof and BTS Cypher Pt.3: Killer.

6. Iron
Similar to Supreme Boi, Iron was also a part of the original BTS lineup but 2 years later decided to leave to pursue his own path. Currently, he is a pretty famous rapper in Korea.

7. Reddy
Reddy once participated in an audition for the opportunity to join BTS but failed.

8. Basick
Basick once revealed that he was personally invited by Bang Shi Hyuk – CEO of Big Hit Entertainment at that time to join BTS, but the famous male rapper refused this offer because he had never wanted to become an idol and then he too. is planning to get married with his girlfriend.

9. Loco
Loco also had the opportunity to join BTS but sadly, he did not pass the audition.

10. Beenzino
Like Basick, the famous rapper Beenzino also received an invitation to join BTS but in the end he refused because the company required him to have plastic surgery.
Beenzino also released a song with the content “slamming” the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment because of this.

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