Fans fell in love with the island that suddenly turned purple because of BTS

An island in Korea has turned purple, inviting BTS and ARMY to visit.
The South Korean island of Shinan has officially turned purple. They also sent out official invitations through a broadcast to ARMY and BTS.

The islanders are mostly elderly and are looking to revitalize the community. To attract tourists, the island decided to “Borahaeization”, turning purple!

A netizen posted a photo of the island on theqoo forum. They painted the entire coastal bridge bright purple. Around the beach are even planted purple flowers.
Benches on the bridge read: “Boraehae purple bridge”. As ARMYs all know Borahae is “I purple you”, a sentence that V came up with.

They even created a giant purple moon to name the island. The island’s name is Banwol-do, which means “half-moon island”.
At night, purple lights will be turned on, turning the whole sea into purple.

The roofs of all the houses on the island are also painted purple! Up to now, the island looks like a fairy village Borahae!
They even dedicated a bridge praising BTS. On the bridge can be read a plaque explaining how V coined the term and what it means.
The island scenery is so beautiful!

Tourists and ARMY can visit the island for a day to travel and take pictures.

And don’t forget to stop at this giant “I Purple You” line.

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