“Fascinated” by the extreme beauty of the Twilight stars after 14 years

Many years have passed, Twilight has become a part of the memory of many children around the world. To this day, Twilight is still one of the most watched movies by the audience. The success of Twilight is almost a “launching pad” to help the name of the cast in the film touch the aura. After 14 years, the beauty of the cast has all changed, but only the memories in the film are still intact in the hearts of the audience.

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Poster Twilight

Kristen Stewart

Participating in the arts from a young age, it was only when Kristen Stewart became a Bella Swan in Twilight that she really shined in the Hollywood art sky. At the time of participating in “Twilight”, Kristen Stewart attracted the audience by her cold appearance but hidden her special pure innocence that was equally strong.

 Kristen Stewart chiếm trọn tình cảm của khán giả bằng sự lạnh lùng trong Twilight. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
Kristen Stewart won the hearts of the audience with her coldness in Twilight

After 14 years, Kristen Stewart of the present has “makeover” completely. 9x beauties pursue a “cool” style with a “general talent”, besides the beauty of “Bella” is evaluated more and more advanced, sharp and equally attractive.

 Nhan sắc thăng hạng khiến Kristen Stewart khiến không ít fan đặc biệt là fan nữ rần rần vì visual đỉnh cao. (Ảnh: Instagram @kristenstewartx)
The rising beauty makes Kristen Stewart make many fans, especially female fans, nervous because of her top-notch visuals
 Cận cảnh visual khiến khán giả “điêu đứng” của “nàng Bella”. (Ảnh: Instagram @kristenstewartx)
Close-up visual that makes the audience “stunned” of “Bella”

Eo ơi khí chất “tổng tài” là đây chứ còn đâu nữa. (Ảnh: Instagram @kristenstewartx)

Còn đầm váy dịu dàng thì Kristen Stewart cũng “cân” được tất nhé. (Ảnh: Instagram @kristenstewartx)

Kristen Stewart’s private life has also met with many scandals, but until now, the 9x actress has found her place, she and screenwriter Dylan Meyer are engaged. Kristen Stewart’s dream-like wedding future promises to inspire LGBT communities around the world.

 Kristen Stewart và Dylan Meyer đã đính hôn sau thời gian hẹn hò. (Ảnh: Hola)
Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer got engaged after dating

Robert Pattinson

Becoming the vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, it can be said that Robert Pattinson became a star “overnight”. Just like Kristen Stewart. Twilight is the perfect “launch pad” to help Robert Pattinson’s career officially turn to a new page.

 Robert Pattinson “gây bão” nhờ vai diễn Edward Cullen trong Twilight. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
Robert Pattinson “stormed” thanks to the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight.

At that time, the vampire Edward Cullen won the hearts of others with his handsome appearance, combined with the cold face of Robert Pattinson, who was considered the “national crush” at that time. Currently at the age of U40, the handsomeness of Robert Pattinson has not only not disappeared, but the actor has become more stylish, elegant and looks very attractive.

 Cận cảnh nhan sắc tuổi 35 của Robert Pattinson. (Ảnh: Instagram @robertpattinsonv)
Close-up of beauty at the age of 35 by Robert Pattinson.
 Vừa điển trai, tài giỏi lại phong độ thì Robert Pattinson đích thị là “chồng quốc dân” của chị em phụ nữ đây rồi.  (Ảnh: Instagram @robertpattinsonv)
Both handsome, talented and stylish, Robert Pattinson is truly the “national husband” of women here.
 Góc nghiêng “ăn tiền” của Robert Pattinson phải gọi là “đỉnh của chóp”. (Ảnh: Instagram robertpattinsonv)
Robert Pattinson’s “earning” angle must be called “the top of the top”

Mackenzie Foy

Once a cult child star of Twilight, Mackenzie Foy was once likened to a graphic version because she was so beautiful. When participating in “Twilight”, Mackenzie Foy once made the audience wobble because of her beautiful appearance and big, sparkling eyes.

 Cô bé Renesmee năm nào trong Twilight thu hút khán giả bởi vẻ ngoài xinh xắn. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
Little Renesmee in Twilight attracted the audience by her pretty appearance

Little Mackenzie Foy this year has “transformed” into a mature young woman, bringing a gentle beauty to the heart. The current Gen Z actress not only has promoted beauty but also has improved in acting ability, through each frame Mackenzie Foy exudes an idyllic beauty close to her age of 21.

 Mackenzie Foy nay đã trở thành cô thiếu nữ đẹp đến nao lòng. (Ảnh: Instagram @mackenziefoy)
Mackenzie Foy has now become a beautiful young woman.
 Mackenzie Foy được đánh giá sẽ tiến xa hơn trong sự nghiệp với nhan sắc thăng hạng và khả năng diễn xuất tiến bộ hơn xưa. (Ảnh: Instagram @mackenziefoy)
Mackenzie Foy is considered to go further in her career with her enhanced beauty and improved acting ability.
 Sở hữu vẻ ngoài dịu dàng, thuần khiết Mackenzie Foy được khen ngợi không bị “ô dề” so với độ tuổi 21. (Ảnh: Instagram @mackenziefoy)
Possessing a gentle, pure appearance Mackenzie Foy is praised for not being “showy” compared to the age of 21
 Nữ diễn viên Gen Z mang vẻ đẹp mong manh chuẩn “nàng thơ”. (Ảnh: Instagram @mackenziefoy)
Gen Z actress has a fragile beauty standard “muse”

Taylor Lautner

Like Robert Pattinson, werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) was also the “first crush” of the world audience after Twilight aired. Possessing a strong masculine look and charismatic voice, Robert Pattinson has received everyone’s love and support.

 Anh chàng người sói Jacob Black từng khiến khán giả “lụi tim” trong Twilight năm nào. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
The werewolf guy Jacob Black once made the audience “heartbroken” in Twilight.

However, after 14 years, Robert Pattinson has made the audience “bewildered and surprised” because the 6-pack body is no longer available, the 9x actor once had time to lose his form, making his body a bit overweight. Recently, it can be seen that Robert Pattinson has changed in appearance and is no longer as overweight as before, but the audience still regrets the previous “standard” body of the 9x male actor.

 Thời gian đã "lấy đi mất" body 6 múi của Robert Pattinson. (Ảnh: MEGA)
Time has “taken away” Robert Pattinson’s 6-pack body
 Robert Pattinson của hiện tại dù đã không dư cân như xưa nhưng vẫn chưa thể “tìm lại” body “vạn người mê”. (Ảnh: Instagram @taylorlautner)
The current Robert Pattinson, although not as overweight as before, has not been able to “find” the body of “ten thousand people”.
 Dù hơi mất phong độ nhưng “chàng người sói Jacob Black” vẫn điển trai chứ nhỉ? (Ảnh: Instagram @taylorlautner)
Although a bit out of form, “werewolf Jacob Black” is still handsome, isn’t he?

Peter Facinelli

When it comes to the vampire family, the audience will definitely remember Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), possessing a masculine appearance, and the standard face of movie actor Peter Facinelli that once caused “nostalgia” in Twilight. After 14 years, at the age of 47, the actor still shows no signs of aging. On the contrary, it seems that over time Peter Facinelli is younger and more attractive, especially charismatic.

  “Ma cà rồng” Peter Facinelli từng “lấy đi” bao trái tim thiếu nữ lúc bấy giờ. (Ảnh: Tư liệu phim)
“Vampire” Peter Facinelli had “taken away” many girls’ hearts at that time.
 Ở tuổi 47 dường như thời gian đã “bỏ quên” Peter Facinelli. (Ảnh: Instagram @peterfacinelli)
At the age of 47 it seems that time has “forgotten” Peter Facinelli
 Peter Facinelli càng ngày càng phong độ, lịch lãm. (Ảnh: Instagram @peterfacinelli)
Peter Facinelli is getting more and more stylish and elegant
 Visual này sẽ khiến hội chị em “xỉu up xỉu down” cho mà xem. (Ảnh: Instagram @peterfacinelli)
This visual will make the sisters “faint up and down” let’s see

After 14 years, even though all the cast has changed, some people are getting better and better in terms of beauty, and others are a bit out of shape. However, we will be glad that they all have a strong foothold in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

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