Feeling touched when reading Jimin’s letter to fans on the 9th anniversary of BTS ”debut”

BTS just celebrated their 9th debut anniversary on June 13. They debuted on the same day of 2013. To celebrate the special day, the members presented the sweetest things, giving all the love to the fans.

Specifically, Jungkook released a special song – “My You”.

While BTS’ annual celebration, FESTA 2022, was still going on, Jimin visited Weverse to write a love letter to fans.
He talked about how grateful he was to ARMY and let his fans know how much he was thinking about them.

Dear ARMYs, congratulations on your 9th anniversary. Today is the day BTS was born and the day we met for the first time.

It was a meaningful day and I am very happy to spend it with you today.
There are so many things I want to say and so many feelings I want to share. And some of the simplest words like “thank you,” “I’m sorry,” and “I love you” just don’t feel so simple anymore.
They mean a lot more every year we’re together. However, they are the only words that can describe how I feel.
Thank you for coming to see me whenever I perform and for letting me see you when I miss you.
I’m sorry that I feel as though I’ve kept you guys waiting all the time and because I can never give you back all of your support for BTS.

However, you are still by my side – and for that, I love you so much. It feels like time has passed us… but if we really look back, we’ve been through a lot together.
We’ve done a lot and felt a lot over the years. I look forward to all the memories that we will continue to create in the future.
I wonder what the future holds for us – what will we laugh and cry about? I say these words with the utmost sincerity.
We, want to stay here with you for as long as possible. And to make that possible, we will continue to do our best to always be the best.

From the bottom of my heart I will always thank you for all the love and support for our music, our performances, and the BTS members.” – Jimin.

Fans can’t wait to see what the other members have in store for ARMY in the future. Congratulations on their 9th anniversary once again.

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