Forgot I’m a superstar, BTS is so chaotic when they’re together

In life, everyone wants to have friends with the same “crazy” like this!

There are countless reasons to love BTS: They are incredibly talented, humble, entertaining, kind… However, there is one thing that ARMYs never cease to enjoy about them: They are extremely chaotic every time they are around. together!
Whether in real life or on stage, when there is no one or in front of hundreds of thousands of people, BTS is always joking with each other. Let’s see:
1. Look at that flock of chicks…

2. RM couldn’t help but ignore it3. Friends are supposed to make fun of each other

3. Friends are supposed to make fun of each other

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4. God, it’s like a place without people!

5. Want headache!


6. One person rapping six people backing up!

7. The more you watch, the more fun you get

8. If there’s no chaos, it’s not a BTS concert

9. When the main topic is…

10. Keep the image of the most handsome man in the world V!

11. Not even on national television

12. I wonder where they get so much energy!

13. This is probably just an ordinary day for BTS!


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