Former Big Hit trainee revealed the secret of BTS’s success

It is the collective spirit, sincerity and solidarity that have made BTS the globally famous K-pop group!

Bit-Hoon – one of the trainees who spent time practicing at Big Hit Entertainment (currently HYBE Labels) once caught the attention of the online community after sharing many stories about BTS.

Bit-Hoon continued to reveal more about BTS and other trainees’ lives at Big Hit’s dormitory in the past. This is also a difficult time for BTS because they face many financial barriers as well as living conditions.
In the latest video, Bit-Hoon said, “What makes BTS completely different from the trainees of other companies? It’s absolutely no competition between the members. One day, I remember how RM cranked up. brought us together to emphasize the importance of friendly competition He said: Bit-Hoon, you can debut before me or someone else can, but it’s important that we always support mutual aid”.

Next, the former trainee revealed how close their dorm life is, “We are rarely apart. There were funny situations between us where one person used the bathroom, another person goes to the toilet and another person brushes their teeth. It all happens at the same time. That’s how we bonded together.”

Bit-Hoon talked about BTS’s true personality, “We all know there are a lot of celebrities and idols trying to be someone else on TV. But the BTS members are all really genuine. honest, cute and passionate”.

Sharing his opinion on the secret of BTS’s success, Bit-Hoon affirmed: “If you open YouTube, you will come across a lot of videos explaining BTS’s success. But if you ask me, as a who lived with BTS members for 1 year, I can honestly answer that the main reason for their success is because they are nice people and RM has good leadership. “.

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