‘Goddess’ Anne Hathaway ’40, is still chatter, posing in a unique pose to show off her body

Anne Hathaway – actress with angelic beauty is one of the “walls” of beauty in the world’s movie capital Hollywood. Although she is 40 years old and a mother of two beautiful children, her beauty and body “guardian” make anyone who sees them “ecstatic”.

 Body tuyệt vời của Anne Hathaway làm "nâng tầm" chiếc đầm trắng tại "LHP Cannes 2022". Ảnh: Twitter
Anne Hathaway’s wonderful body “lifts up” the white dress at “Cannes Film Festival 2022”. Photo: Twitter

Recently, Anne Hathaway attended the premiere of WeCrashed in Los Angeles (USA). Notably, the beauty of the beauty makes netizens constantly whisper because it is too “surreal”. Although she only made up lightly, her visual was still “outstanding”, capturing all the attention.

 Vẻ ngoài rạng rỡ, xinh tựa "thiên thần" của Anne Hathaway trong buổi ra mắt phim "WeCrashed". Ảnh: Twitter
Anne Hathaway’s radiant, beautiful look like an “angel” at the premiere of the movie “WeCrashed”. Photo: Twitter
 Người đẹp sánh bước cùng nam tài tử Jared Leto trong sự kiện. Ảnh: PageSix
The beauty walked with actor Jared Leto at the event. Photo: PageSix

Although her makeup and hair are simple, her outfit is not simple at all. The beauty in the cut-out dress found the black protective gear extremely “hot” and attractive.

 Chiếc đầm khoe trọn được body "ngàn vàng" của người đẹp sinh năm 1982. Ảnh: Pinterest
The dress shows off the “thousands of gold” body of the beauty born in 1982. Photo: Pinterest
 Anne Hathaway trở thành tâm điểm của sự kiện nhờ thân hình cùng nhan sắc kiều diễm. Ảnh: CelebsFirst
Anne Hathaway became the focus of the event thanks to her beautiful body and beauty. Photo: CelebsFirst

Contrary to the image of a “quiet beauty” at the event, a series of behind-the-scenes photos posted by Anne Hathaway herself on her personal page have become a “hot” topic, discussed by netizens. The reason is because she has a pose like no other, very strange, making people pay attention.

 Ảnh hậu trường của Anne Hathaway mới thực sự là chủ đề khiến netizen quan tâm. Ảnh: IG Anne
Anne Hathaway’s behind-the-scenes photos are really the topic of interest to netizens. Photo: IG Anne
 Người đẹp khoe khéo chân thon dài, trắng không tì vết qua tấm rèm. Ảnh: Meta
The beauty cleverly showed off her long, flawless white legs through the curtain. Photo: Meta

In the behind-the-scenes photos, Anne confidently “drops” in a tight blue dress that is seductively seductive. Notably, the way the beauty poses with a new pose makes netizens “fall back” because Anne “rolls and crawls” from the cinema seats to the stairs. Many netizens think that her photo poses are a bit “disgusting”.

 Tuy cách pose dáng "ố dề" nhưng body của Anne Hathaway thật sự là "đỉnh của chóp". Ảnh: Twitter
Despite posing “apron”, Anne Hathaway’s body is really “the top of the top”. Photo: Twitter

Besides, many internet users also left many compliments about Anne Hathaway’s witty and disruptive manner. Many women have considered these photos as a goal to strive for in the “work” of keeping fit to have the perfect body like Anne.

 Ảnh chất lượng thấp nhưng body của Anne Hathaway chất lượng cao. Ảnh: Pinterest
Low quality photo but high quality Anne Hathaway’s body. Photo: Pinterest

Famous from the movie Princess Diary, Anne Hathaway is famous in the hearts of fans as the actress who owns a “beautiful to every centimeter” body. Sharing with the media about the secret to keeping fit, the beauty said that in her daily meals, she always adds a lot of fruits and vegetables.

 Nhờ body tuyệt hảo, Anne Hathaway có thể cân mọi trang phục. Ảnh: Vouge
Thanks to her excellent body, Anne Hathaway can handle any outfit. Photo: Vouge
 Người đẹp rất nghiêm túc với bản thân trong việc giữ gìn vóc dáng. Ảnh: Twitter
The beauty is very serious about herself in keeping in shape. Photo: Twitter

The Princess Diarie also does not forget to remind fans to drink a lot of water because they have a “miracle” effect on human health and skin.

Mỗi ngày, nữ diễn viên "Nhật ký công chúa" sẽ uống hết khoảng 3 lít nước. Ảnh: Meta

Like many other beauties, Anne Hathaway also has a “strong love” for exercise, the actress regularly exercises 5 days a week to keep her slim and toned figure. The actress said that no matter how busy she is, she always makes time for practice. Before the end of each training session, Anne also practices dancing to strengthen her endurance.

 Body "nóng bỏng" và có phần... hoang dã của Anne. Ảnh: Twitter
Body “hot” and somewhat wild of Anne. Photo: Twitter

The fact that Anne Hathaway poses a bit strange is just to show off her slim body, it takes a lot of time and effort to get it! It must be admitted that the appearance of a mother of two children makes people feel uneasy and worth learning. What do you think about this, please share with us now!

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