Google wishes BTS ARMY’s 9th birthday in the sweetest way

Last month, BTS celebrated 9 years since their debut. Time is ARMY’s birthday. July 9 marks the anniversary of the establishment of BTS’ fandom.

Happy 9th birthday, ARMY. Google has now officially joined the celebration. Search engine websites are regularly updated for the holidays.

Typically, it does so through “Google Doodles,” creative and often interactive changes made to the logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and celebrities.

Now although Google didn’t make a special “Doodle” for BTS’s ARMY day… they did make a super sweet Easter egg.

So, searching for “BTS” on the site will lead you to the typical K-pop group feedback page.

However, you will see in the upper right corner a small purple ball. If you click that…


… A bunch of purple balloons will fill your screen. Heart-shaped balloons containing the BTS members’ respective microphones will be placed between the regular balloons.

If you click on any, they will pop up. But the special balloons emit audio messages from BTS themselves, telling ARMYs “I love you”. So you should turn on your speakers and adjust your volume.

“I Purple you” – the English word translated into V-written phrase “Borahae” – has become a trademark in BTS’s fandom, encompassing the relationship between BTS and ARMY.
In addition to individual voice messages, each member drew their own doodles for ARMY’s birthday. So sweet.

However, Google’s celebration doesn’t end there. Also, in the results for “BTS” on Google, you will see comments to go on a guided tour…
BTS has officially partnered with the Google Art & Culture Lab Street Gallery.

Each member will guide you as you explore cities and artworks that hold special meaning to them.


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