Hollywood stars are enchanted with ancient shapes: Anne Hathaway is as beautiful as a fairy, Kate Winslet is sweet and seductive

Not only Asian stars, Hollywood beauties have also tried their hand at creating historical figures in the film. Many people are not surprised by the beauty of Anne Hathaway because it is exactly like the “billionaire fairy” in the fairy tale.

The audience is often familiar with the ancient image of Asian stars, so few know that in Hollywood, many female stars have also tried this role. Especially with beautiful beauty and luxurious and splendid “dresses”, Hollywood stars are really no different from fairies, princesses coming out of fairy tales.

Anne Hathaway “makes me miss” with her angelic beauty. Photo: Pinterest

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is widely known for her role as Elizabeth Swann in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. “England Rose” made a strong impression on the public thanks to its classically beautiful face and elegant aura just like the noble lady in the movie.

The beauty has a sharp, noble square face. Photo: Pinterest

Elle Fanning

In the movie Maleficent, Elle Fanning transformed into a sleeping princess in the forest with fairy beauty and elegant and beautiful aura. This beauty easily plays this role thanks to her round face, deep blue eyes and especially shiny golden hair.

The beauty of Elle Fanning in “Maleficent” made many boys fall in love for a while. Photo: Pinterest

After making the whole world “wobble” with the role of Aurora, the beauty also continued to try in many historical films and achieved many successes. Many people commented that the “muse” possesses a classic beauty, so it is very suitable for the vintage look.

She makes the most of her classic beauty in the vintage concept. Photo: Pinterest

Kate Winslet

Anyone who has seen the movie Titanic will never forget the lady with an elegant, aristocratic appearance but extremely personality played by Kate Winslet. She once captivated the public with her sweet beauty with blue eyes and full, seductive lips.

The beauty “Titanic” has a gentle and loving beauty, but her personality is extremely strong. Photo: Pinterest

Before that, the beauty also achieved a lot of success when participating in the classic work Reason and emotion. So about 2 decades ago, she was the most sought-after female star in Hollywood.

Although the golden age has passed, the audience cannot help but feel nostalgic when it comes to beauties. Photo: Pinterest

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz also appeared in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean with the role of “every love” of Captain Jack. The beauty also participated in the work of Queen of Spain in a sophisticated and splendidly designed antique costume exuding a noble look that made the audience unable to take their eyes off.

Penelope exudes charm, attracting eyes. Photo: Pinterest

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway owns a huge film collection in which historical works also account for a large number. Especially, the beautiful and splendid “white queen” image in Alice lost in wonderland made many people admire and admire.

The beauty looks more like a fairy than a queen. Photo: Pinterest

However, perhaps few people know that before that Anne also tried with many historical films such as Jane’s Love Story, Fairy Tale,… Although the costume was not as gorgeous as the “white queen”, her visuals were 8X actress is still in the “excellent beauty” category.

The minimalist outfit also does not overshadow her “premium” visual. Photo: Pinterest

Emma Watson

Referring to Hollywood’s ancient queens, the audience cannot ignore the cult name Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast. Indeed, with a small face, deep blue eyes and aristocratic aura, the beauty easily impresses the audience.

Regardless of the image of a village girl or a princess, Emma still looks beautiful. Photo: Pinterest

In addition, Emma Watson also appeared in the film Little Women as the “oldest sister” Margaret March. It can be seen that she is constantly trying to get rid of Hermione’s shadow (in the Harry Potter movie).

The beauty is actively working on the artistic path. Photo: Pinterest

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan also appeared in the movie Little Women, which “stormed” on Western screens in the 2020s. Not only her engaging acting style, the beauty was also especially loved by the public because of her attractive beauty. Charming with personality, strong.

The dreamy, pure beauty of the beauties in “The seagull”. Photo: Pinterest

In addition, before that, the actress also participated in many popular historical films such as Queen of Scotland, The seagull, … In particular, the audience realized that the 9X actress is very suitable for the role of girls. independent, individual.

Most of Saoirse plays a strong female character. Photo: Pinterest

The above female stars not only possess outstanding acting ability but also have an attractive beauty that is hard to match. That’s why looking at the cast of ancient Hollywood beauties really helped the audience have a full, eye-catching “visual feast”. What do you think about the above article, do not hesitate to share with us right away!



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