How did Charlie Puth and Jungkook BTS communicate when collaborating on the song ‘Left and Right’?

Charlie Puth recently performed at Power 96.1 Summer Ball in Atlanta and spoke with MC Ethan Cole about his collaboration with BTS’ Jungkook.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook released the song ‘Left and Right’ on June 24 and the song became an instant hit.

Charlie Puth

In less than a week, this song reached number 1 on iTunes in more than 100 countries, more than 23.8 million streams on Spotify.
For Jungkook, Left and Right officially earned 8,721,387 streams on Spotify on the first day, becoming the most-streamed song on the platform for a Korean solo artist.
As Ethan and Charlie discuss Charlie’s roster for the Atlanta concert, Left and Right spontaneously pops into the conversation.

Charlie shared that unfortunately he did not have the opportunity to rehearse for the hit song, so he could not perform that night. However, he did share more information about working with Jungkook.
In an earlier conversation with Ethan Cole, Charlie said that even though there was a language barrier between him and Jungkook while filming the Left and Right MV, the two were able to overcome it as they shared their mutual appreciation and concluded connected through music.
“We really communicated through music and body movement,” said Charlie Puth.
Charlie describes a particular scene in the MV where the two artists are standing on a pedestal that appears larger in the video than it actually is.
“We kept tripping over each other so at one point during the last recording we were constantly leaning our necks against each other… it was a really sweet moment” – Charlie Puth.

Earlier when talking about their chemistry, Ethan wanted to know if the two would keep in touch and if they would discuss the success of their hit song.
Charlie provided fans with some hilarious insights into his conversation with BTS’s maknae.
“Me and Jungkook just texted each other, “Yeah!!” and he wrote back, “Wooow!!” and I texted back: ‘very good!!’ … So we don’t really talk more than that” – Charlie Puth.

Charlie then confirmed what many ARMYs already knew about Jungkook.
Ethan concluded that Jungkook’s dislike of texting meant that he preferred to live an artist style, experience life and live in the moment and Charlie agreed.
Earlier this year, BTS talked in depth about their communication preferences. Jungkook revealed that he finds texts and calls boring and often drives the other members crazy because of his lack of response in their group chats.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook BTS at the Genie Music Awards

It seems like Jungkook has been honest in his answer and is actually more focused on living in the present moment.

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