How does BTS rapline react when listening to the new album J-Hope?

J-Hope is a BTS member who released his first solo studio album titled Jack In The Box.
Since all the boys of BTS are so supportive of each other, here’s their reaction to MORE – the album’s first single.

RM likes to be involved in the process and action, while Suga likes to respect the process and listen only after the release. RM was shocked to hear J-Hope’s new sound.

J-Hope in concept album “Jack In The Box”

“The first person I share the album with and the first person I always share it with is RM. I can also tell Suga, but he likes to be very respectful of the process. He told me that : I’ll listen to it when it’s released He always says that to me There’s a bit of shock and motivation after hearing that So I let RM listen to the first album… and then Jungkook. For the other members, I showed them the title songs, but not the whole album,” – J-Hope shared.

RM and Suga

“When RM listened to the album, he commented and laughed and said, ‘Wow, I didn’t think you’d do this kind of music. I was a little bit numb for a moment. Very J-Hope! In fact, you brought it up. this new product at this point… I really respect it and I love you” – he added – “He gave me that feedback”.

BTS’s 3 rappers

On the other hand, Jungkook said he was inspired by J-Hope’s solo music.

Golden maknae Jungkook of BTS

Does this mean that ARMYs can expect to hear more solo releases from the group? In the meantime, make sure to follow and support J-Hope’s ARSON below.


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