How does BTS react when they go out to eat but the other party brings someone else without warning?

If you’re curious how the BTS members will react when the other party brings someone else along without telling them first, their answers are right below.

Have you ever gone out to dinner with friends and they brought someone else without telling you? If you are like BTS, then you have a very strong and clear opinion about this delicate situation.
Take a look below to see which members think they should be notified first and which members are excited to meet a new face.
1. J-Hope
With a strong reaction, J-Hope admitted he could not agree with the other friend’s decision.

J-Hope: “That friend should have told me first. That friend should have asked me first”

Feeling a bit betrayed, the male idol described the experience as “awkward” and “uncomfortable”.
2. V
V chooses to hide his true feelings but will finish the meal much earlier than originally planned.

V: “I’ll be angry but I’ll try not to show it because I don’t want the other friend to be embarrassed”
3. Jin
Jin would simply handle the situation. He gave a realistic reaction and asked about this unexpected friend.

Jin: “I’ll always ask “Who is that?”. Something like that”
4. RM
Similar to V, RM thinks he will simply react by hiding his anger as much as possible.

RM admits he won’t feel comfortable in his heart, and said he will ask the other friend who this stranger is.
5. Jimin
Jimin imagines himself getting confused by the whole situation and having to ask his friend what he’s up to.

6. Suga
Just like the rest, Suga will feel a bit “betrayed” when his friends don’t tell him first. But surely Suga will still be polite and stay for a meal.

7. Jungkook
With mixed reactions from the rest of the members, Jungkook won’t be afraid to get used to a new face.

Jungkook already knows “don’t mind” on his answer board
The outgoing attitude of the golden maknae of BTS shows how he can adapt to any social situation.

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